How long will a torpedo heater run on a tank of fuel?

How long will a torpedo heater run on a tank of fuel?

How long will a torpedo heater run? On a full tank of fuel, this heater will operate for about 11 hours before you need to add more fuel to the tank. In addition, it’s can offer your room a fixed heat output of around 75,000 BTUs. This means that this powerful heater can heat an area of around 1875 square feet.

How efficient is propane torpedo heaters?

Propane heaters are efficient because they don’t emit smoke, and the fuel source is cheaper per gallon in comparison to kerosene. You can run the heater for multiple days on a single tank. Plus, the propane heaters can warm up your garage much quicker, and you get more heat per square foot of the space.

What is the best fuel for a torpedo heater?

Kerosene is the preferred fuel…. They burn just a bit cleaner than a Cummins… And cost more per gallon too!

How many watts does a torpedo heater pull?


Air Consumption 240 cfm
Type Kerosene Heater
Voltage 120
Wattage 180
Product Weight 28

Will a torpedo heater run on diesel?

from Tulsa. my experience is that it will work, it will however smoke a little more, and produce noticeably more fumes. Diesel is much more oily than kerosene, remember that in a diesel motor, the fuel acts as an upper cylinder lube.

Which is cheaper propane or kerosene?

Kerosene is combustible, burns strongly, and offers a strong amount of heat. By contrast, propane is cleaner burning and can easily be found at most gas stations and grocery stores. It’s also much cheaper than kerosene.

Can I use diesel in my kerosene torpedo heater?

Are torpedo heaters loud?

This is the next step forward for kerosene torpedo heater design. To put things in relatable terms, a standard 200,000 BTU torpedo heater is about as loud as a motorcycle, whereas our 220,000 BTU SilentDrive 220 is comparable in noise to a household vacuum cleaner.