How long is the recovery for gastrocnemius recession?

How long is the recovery for gastrocnemius recession?

After gastrocnemius recession surgery The leg will heal within six to eight weeks. Physical therapy may be needed to rebuild calf strength.

What is Gastroc slide surgery?

Indications. A gastrocnemius recession, or Strayer Procedure, is an operation designed to release the gastrocnemius muscle as a means of restoring it to a more normal anatomical length that promotes healthier gait, stance, and function of the foot and ankle.

What is Gastroc recession foot?

Background: Gastrocnemius recession is a surgical technique commonly performed on individuals who suffer from symptoms related to the restricted ankle dorsiflexion that results when tight superficial posterior compartment musculature causes an equinus contracture.

What is Gastroc recession surgery?

Gastrocnemius recession (aka Strayer procedure) is a surgery where the doctor cuts the gastroc tendon and lengthens the muscle and tendon (1). The procedure is usually performed to treat chronic tightness in the calf muscle.

Is Achilles surgery complicated?

Infection and healing problems: Achilles tendon repair surgery can be complicated by a post-operative foot infection, impaired wound healing, or impaired healing of the tendon.

How long does it take to recover from gastrocnemius recession?

However, realize that the same doesn’t hold true for gastrocnemius recession recovery. First there are the side effects. If you get a surgical infection, then a second or subsequent surgery will be needed along with six weeks of IV antibiotics delivered through a catheter inserted near your heart.

How long did it take to walk normal after endoscopic surgery?

It was very challenging from 3-6 weeks as I did my physical therapy and I walked while working through pain; however, the surgery was nothing short of a miracle to give me the ability to walk normal. My last blog features the surgical report and Endoscopic photos.

How long do you stay in a cast after gastrocnemius surgery?

After the surgery, the affected leg will be immobilized in a cast, keeping the foot at a right angle to the leg, which allows the calf muscles to maintain a stretch. Patients are generally in a cast or a boot for 4-6 weeks after surgery, although this time may vary.

How did Dr Gent Heal my gastroc and soleus?

Then Dr. Gent proceeded to put a short leg fiberglass cast on my left leg. He took his cast saw and bi-valved the sides of the fiberglass to allow for swelling. My ankle needed to be held at 90 degrees and to give the back of my gastroc and soleus muscles time to heal with non-weightbearing (NWB) for 3 weeks.