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How long does a US Lacrosse membership last?

How long does a US Lacrosse membership last?

12 months
A membership is good for 12 months for members that renew by the due date. The memberships for officials all expire as of September 30, regardless of when the official joined.

What does a US Lacrosse membership do?

Your membership features discounts and free shipping from the USA Lacrosse Shop; exclusive offers from our partners, sponsors and advertisers; annual subscription to the sport’s premier feature publications, USA Lacrosse Magazine; best-in-class educational resources on the USA Lacrosse E-learning platform; free access …

How much does it cost to renew US Lacrosse membership?

You can visit for more information! Youth ($25): Under age 15 but not in high school. High School ($35): Age 18 or under and in high school. Adult ($50): Age 18 and over and out of high school.

Is lacrosse a lot of running?

The only sports that average a greater total running distance than lacrosse are field hockey and soccer….How is the Running in Lacrosse Relative to Other Sports?

Sport Average Running Distance
*Lacrosse 3-5 miles
Tennis 3 miles
Basketball 2.55 miles
Football 1.25 miles (for receivers and cornerbacks)

How much does it cost to become a USA lacrosse member?

If you are a current member but have missed an issue, contact the Member Experience Team at 410.235.6882 ext. 102 or send an e-mail to [email protected] We will send you a back issue, supplies permitting. If you are a member and would like to purchase a back issue, the cost is $5.

Where can I Find my USA lacrosse membership number?

How can I find it? Your membership number is found above your name on all mailings from USA Lacrosse including your magazine label. If we have a valid and legible e-mail address, your number was also sent to you when you renewed/joined. You can also visit My Account to find out your number.

When do I have to renew my lacrosse membership?

New and renewing members can register securely online. What is my membership renewal date? All memberships are annual. Your membership renewal date is the last day of the month you joined the previous year.

Do you have to be USA lacrosse member to have liability insurance?

However, if you are hosting a lacrosse event, such as a camp or clinic, you can purchase USA Lacrosse Event Insurance, which will provide liability insurance to you as the organizer, cover the event itself and all participants, including volunteers — whether or not they are USA Lacrosse members.