How is a spigelian hernia repaired?

How is a spigelian hernia repaired?

Hernia repair surgery is the only way to treat a spigelian hernia. The decision to have surgery is based on the size of the hernia and whether you experience pain. If you choose surgery, a surgeon can perform an open mesh repair by making an incision in your abdomen near the hernia.

How long does spigelian hernia surgery take?

THE OPERATION Using small incisions, a number of ports are introduced into the abdomen. The surgeon can see the defect between the muscles from the inside. A piece of mesh is then fixed over the defect in using special fixing tacks. The procedure will normally take 30-60 minutes to complete.

Why is mesh bad for hernia repair?

Mesh placed inside the abdomen can also lead to scar tissue, or adhesion, formation that can predispose patients to bowel obstruction down the road. However, all patients who have had surgery in the abdomen also form these adhesions, so this is not a problem specific to the mesh itself.

How serious is a spigelian hernia?

A spigelian hernia can occur on either side of the abdomen, but most people feel pain in the lower abdomen. A spigelian hernia can block the bowel or other vital organs. When this occurs, it is a life-threatening complication that requires immediate medical attention.

What does Spigelian mean?

A Spigelian is the type of ventral hernia where aponeurotic fascia pushes through a hole in the junction of the linea semilunaris and the arcuate line creating a bulge. It appears in the abdomen lower quadrant between an area of dense fibrous tissue and abdominal wall muscles causing a (Spigelian aponeurosis).

What is incarcerated spigelian hernia?

Spigelian hernias are rare abdominal wall defects that occur at the semilunar line lateral to the rectus abdominis muscle. The majority of patients present with symptomatic incarceration of preperitoneal fat or intra-abdominal viscera. Radiographic studies are beneficial in confirming the diagnosis.

How big is a Spigelian hernia?

Spigelian hernias are rare compared to other types of hernias because they do not develop under abdominal layers of fat but between fascia tissue that connects to muscle. The Spigelian hernia is generally smaller in diameter, typically measuring 1–2 cm., and the risk of tissue becoming strangulated is high.

What is incarcerated Spigelian hernia?

How do I know what hernia mesh I have?

People who do not know what kind of hernia mesh they have can always contact the hospital where they had the surgery. Its medical records department could then give them all their surgery/discharge records. These record should indicate the model of mesh that was used and the manufacturer.

Is spigelian hernia common?

Spigelian hernia is in itself very rare and more over it is difficult to diagnose clinically. It has been estimated that it constitutes 0.12% of abdominal wall hernias. The spigelian hernia has been repaired by both conventional and laparoscopic approach.

How big is a spigelian hernia?