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How is a laouto tuned?

How is a laouto tuned?

Except for the first (A4A4) strings, which are tuned in unison, the laouto’s other strings are paired, tuned an octave apart. The interval from one pair to the next is tuned in fifths (C3C4-G3G4-D3D4-A4A4). The Laouto has a re-entrant tuning, G3G4 tuned a fourth lower than C3C4.

Can a lute be tuned like a guitar?

A lute is tuned sort of like a modern guitar. If you tune a guitar with the G string tuned down to F# you will have the relative pitches of a lute, and you will be able to play from lute tablature. The most common pitch of the top string on a lute is g, which you would get by capoing a guitar up three frets.

What is the Cretan lyra made of?

Construction. The Lyra has a body (kafka, or kafki) with a pear-shaped soundboard (kapaki), or one which is essentially oval in shape, with two small semi-circular soundholes. The body and neck are carved out of one piece of aged wood (minimum 10 years old).

What Lyra means?

Lyra means “lyre” in Greek and “brave” in Nordic.

Is it hard to play a lute?

Playing the lute is an enormously enjoyable and satisfying pastime. The lute attracted the attention of the most accomplished musicians in its day, and so some of the repertoire is very hard, but at the same time, the simplest lute music can sound truly beautiful if played with a correct basic technique.

What is a lute tuned to?

Is the bouzouki Greek?

Bouzouki, also spelled buzuki, long-necked plucked lute of Greece. Resembling a mandolin, the bouzouki has a round wooden body, with metal strings arranged in three or four double courses over a fretted fingerboard.

How are the strings of a Cretan laouto tuned?

The strings of the laouto are tuned in fifths. The Cretan laouto is tuned differently to other laouta. From the bass or lowest string it is tuned Gg – Dd – Aa – ee. The strings of the laouto were originally of traditional gut construction, although the modern laouto has steel strings similar to those of the bouzouki.

Which is the correct tuning for a laouto?

The larger sized instrument (wider body) is played mainly on the island of Crete and tends to be tuned differently (G2G3 – D2D3 – A2A3 – E3E3), the re-entrant tuning is still a characteristic of the Cretan laouto (or lagouto ( Greek: λαγούτο )), because D2D3 is a fourth lower than G2G3. In Cyprus, Cypriot laouto is tuned C – G – D – A.

What was the role of the laouto in Greek music?

The role of the laouto in Greek traditional music is primarily that of accompaniment. The laouto is often played in a duo (the one laouto tuned more bass than the other) with the Cretan lyra or with the violin (in Cyprus). Wikimedia Commons has media related to Laouto.

Which is the most important instrument in Cretan music?

The Cretan laouto is a stringed instrument like a lute which is central to our beautiful Cretan music. The Cretan laouto – λαούτο is the backbone of Cretan music, providing and maintaining the passionate pulse that is so intoxicating; or when played as a leading or solo instrument has a depth and warmth that brings images of ancient times gone by.