How heavy is a Catalina 22 mast?

How heavy is a Catalina 22 mast?

2,490 lb
Catalina 22

Boat weight 2,490 lb (1,129 kg)
Draft 5.00 ft (1.52 m) with centerboard down
Type Monohull

What is Unstepping a mast?

(Nautical Terms) (tr) nautical to remove (a mast) from its step.

What is a tabernacle mast?

A metal or wooden structure, in the shape of an open box, which locates and supports a deck-stepped mast. A bolt passing through tabernacle and mast can provide a pivot point for lowering the stick.

How is a mast attached to a sailboat?

Usually there is a bolt or pin that will hold it in place. On a deck stepped mast, there is a fitting that holds the base of the mast in the middle of the deck. In most cases, this allows the mast to pivot forwards or backwards (when not attached to rigging).

How much does it cost to Demast a sailboat?

Replacing a mast costs between $15,000 – $30,000 for an average sailboat. Out of that, $4,000 – $6,000 is the cost of labor. The mast itself costs between $10,000 – $25,000. The total cost of a sailboat mast replacement raises exponentially as you go up in boat size.

How do you support a mast on a Catalina 22?

I use a combination of DIY mast supports, motorcycle straps, and inexpensive ball cords to secure the rig. The mast is supported on both ends and in the middle. This follows closely the Catalina 22 Owner’s Manual and General Handbook recommendation. Tie the mast and boom securely to the bow and stern pulpits.

How is the MacGregor mast raising device attached?

This picture shows how the MacGregor mast raising device is attached to the tabernacle mast base of the Precision 23. The plates used are actually a small boat hinged mast step available from Dwyer, and they happen to fit perfectly on the Precision 23 mast step, also from Dwyer Masts.

How does a C-22 gin pole attach to a mast?

Most C-22 gin poles use one of two methods to attach the gin pole to the mast: A peg on one end of the pole that fits in a hole in the mast (the factory system for 2nd generation C-22s) A saddle on the end of the gin pole that fits around and is strapped to the mast (most DIY systems)

Which is the best mast raising system for a dinghy?

The dinghy engine davit is an innovative solution, but an easier method would be a simple pole which can be set into a spare set of rudder pintles and gudgeons mounted alongside the ones in use on the rudder. The small offset from the centerline of the boat can be corrected by mounting the roller off center on the pole.