How do you use Dona Maria ready to serve mole?

How do you use Dona Maria ready to serve mole?

Shake before opening. In saucepan, heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil, add Dona Maria Mole ready to serve to the pan. Bring sauce to a boil and heat for 2 minutes or until hot. Enjoy!

What do you add to mole paste?

Aromatize it with spices such as ground cinnamon, clove, black pepper or anise seed, adding them by the pinch. To sweeten a mole, add a wedge of melted Mexican chocolate (or an equal amount of semisweet chocolate) or a spoon of brown sugar or grated piloncillo.

What type of mole is Dona Maria?

Dona Maria’s Mole Verde is a succulent Mexican condiment (green colored paste) that is thick in consistency and mild in heat. It is used to make the traditional and deliciously rich sauce that is poured over chicken or beef. Your dishes will be bursting with authentic Mexican flavor!

What is Mexican mole sauce made from?

Mole guatemalteco is a dessert sauce made from dried chili, tomato and squash seed. It is often poured over fried plantain, and served with sesame seed on top.

Is adobo and mole the same?

Adobo is a dish that originated in the Philippines, that combines a vinegary marinade with pork or chicken. Mole is a sauce with a completely different flavor profile than adobo. Puebla and Oaxaca are considered the traditional originators of mole, which comes in many different styles.

What can I cook with moles?

Mole is commonly served with chicken in a dish called pollo en mole. It is also served with enmoladas which are enchiladas prepared with mole instead of salsa. It may sound strange, but you should try scrambled eggs with mole. You will be surprised by how good it is.

How do you thicken a mole sauce?

Add more broth as needed, since the paste will get thicker as it continues cooking. Some people like their sauce thicker than others, regulate the amount of chicken broth used in order to achieve the thickness you like. Traditional Mole sauce has the consistency of a thick gravy.

Is Adobo a mole?

Dona Maria Adobo is a Mexican condiment similar to the mole sauce, its spicy and sweet, with roasted spices. A special combination of chile ancho, chile pasilla and peanuts that give the chile sauce its thickness. Like mole it also comes in a paste packaged in a jar.

Can you buy mole sauce?

You can buy a premade mole or paste and add you own ingredients and flavors. If you want to try making your own mole at home, check out this complete written Homemade Mole Sauce Recipe.

Does Dona Maria mole go bad?

Yes it will go bad, i’ve bought from mayordomo and had a few bags pass the expiry date, when i opened them to cook they clearly went rancid 🙁 5.

What is the difference between Dona Maria mole and adobo?

How to make mole sauce with peanut butter?

In blender place broth, tomatoes with green chilies, tortillas, and peanut butter. Cover and blend till smooth. May need to do in two batches. Turn into pot and bring to boiling. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered 15 to 20 minutes or till thickened, stirring offten. Spoon over chicken. Bake covered in 350*F oven for 30 or till heated through.

How do you make Dona Maria mole sauce?

Place a large frying pan over low heat and add the jar of DOÑA MARÍA® Mole and a cup of the chicken broth to start diluting the paste. Add one more cup of the broth along with the tomato sauce, chocolate, ground cinnamon, and ground anise seed. Stir well until the Mole paste has completely dissolved.

Can you make Dona Maria mole with chicken broth?

Doña María Mole is a favorite in many homes for special occasions. With DOÑA MARÍA® Mole, making mole is easy and accessible. The instructions only call for diluting the paste in a good chicken broth, but as I mentioned above, most people like to add their own ingredients and spices to further enhance the flavors.

Can you add chipotle pepper to Dona Maria mole?

DOÑA MARÍA® Mole is not a spicy sauce, but if you like to spice things up, add one chipotle pepper in adobo. Rinse it beforehand to remove the vinegar flavor, then add it to the blender with the cooked tomatoes.