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How do you trigger an email alert from a Windows event that includes the event details?

How do you trigger an email alert from a Windows event that includes the event details?

In Task Scheduler Create a Task as show in the following screen shots.

  1. Create Task.
  2. On the Triggers tab choose New to create a Trigger that will begin the task “On an Event”.
  3. Once the Event Trigger is configured, you will need to configure the Action that occurs when the event is run.

How do you generate an alert within the event log that details the results of the audit?

Create Alerts for Event Log

  1. In the Alerts window, click Add to start new alert.
  2. On the Alert Properties step, specify the alert name and enter alert description (optional).
  3. On the Notifications step, configure email notifications and customize the notification template, if needed.

How do I trigger an email alert when a specific Windows service starts or stops in Windows Server 2016?

Step-by-Step: How to Trigger an Email Alert when a Specific Windows Service Starts or Stops on Windows Server 2016

  1. Step 1 – Write a Powershell Script.
  2. Step 2 – Set Up a Scheduled Task.
  3. Step 3 (if necessary) – Fix the Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM Event ID: 10016 Error.
  4. Step 4 – Automating the Deployment.

How do I email event viewer logs?

Select the log type (Application, Security etc) and do right click. Attach task to this log”… A dialog box will appears and Give a name and click twise and Send a Email and next Type here yours details like from, to , subject and comments and smtp server address and finally finish this.

How do I set email alerts for system logs?

Go to Devices > Log Setting > System.

  1. Select the severity of the system log for which email alerts have to be configured. In this case, only severity = critical system logs are being configured to be sent through email.
  2. Once clicking on the severity, select the email profile configured from the dropdown for email.

How do I trigger email alerts in Windows Performance Monitor?

Step 2: Create a task in task scheduler

  1. Click start Administrative tools>Task Scheduler.
  2. Right-click Task Scheduler Library-select create task.
  3. Enter the task name.
  4. check the box for Run with highest privileges.
  5. Select Action tab and select New.
  6. In the New Action window under Action, select Send an e-mail.

How do I set up alerts in Event Viewer?

Setting Up Windows Event Viewer Alert Notifications

  1. Create an alert.
  2. On the Notification Type(s) Selection page, click the Event Viewer tab to send the alert to the System Event Viewer.
  3. Click the Select [Event Viewer] for notification check box.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review your selections on the Summary page.
  6. Click Finish.

Can you view audit logs in the Event Viewer?

By default, Event Viewer displays the local computer’s event logs, but you can easily use the console to view the logs of other computers on the network. (You must have Manage auditing and security log and Access this computer from the network user rights on the target system.)

How do I set up email in event viewer?

Configure windows auditing to send email notifications

  1. In Windows Event Viewer, right click the Event you want and select “Attach Task To This Event…”
  2. Click through the first screens of the Create a Basic Task Wizard, in the Action section select “Start a Program”

How do you add an alert in Performance Monitor?

In the console pane, right-click the name of a Data Collector whose type is Alert and click Properties. On the Data Collector Properties page, click the Alerts tab. The data collectors and alerts already configured should appear.

What type of alert in Performance Monitor can write an event to specific log?

Performance counter alerts
Data collector sets enable you to collect performance counter data, event trace data, and system configuration information. Performance counter alerts enable an event to be written to the event log and a command to be run when a specified performance counter exceeds or falls below a configured value.

Is there easy way to send email notification from Windows Server event log?

Is there an easy way to send an email when a particular severity of event from a particular service hits the Windows server event log? This is on Windows Server 2003, if it makes a difference.

How to receive event notifications on Amazon SES?

Follow these steps to configure an Amazon SNS topic for Amazon SES events: Create an Amazon SNS topic. Subscribe an endpoint (such as an email address) to receive notifications from the Amazon SNS topic. Configure your Amazon SES verified identity (domain or email address) to send event notifications to the Amazon SNS topic that you created.

What does GFI EventManager do for email notifications?

GFI EventsManager allows you to trigger actions such as scripts or to send an alert to one or more people by email, network messages, SMS notifications sent through an email-to-SMS gateway or service and now includes SNMPv2 traps.

Why do I need a Windows Event Log?

So keeping on top of the events your system records can be key to keeping your system running as it should. Unfortunately, sifting through the Event Logs or creating custom views can be a cumbersome manual process.