How do you say not well educated?

How do you say not well educated?

  1. unschooled.
  2. illiterate.
  3. ignorant.
  4. empty-headed.
  5. ignoramus.
  6. uncultivated.
  7. uncultured.
  8. unlearned.

What is a synonym for less able?

Find another word for unable. In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unable, like: inefficacious, incapable, inefficient, unable-to, impuissant, able, cannot, powerless, ineffective, weak and helpless.

What is the opposite of educated?

Opposite of having knowledge of a fact or area. uneducated. benighted. ignorant. illiterate.

What is lack education?

A lack of education can be defined as a state where people have a below-average level of common knowledge about basic things that they would urgently need in their daily life. For instance, this could include basic knowledge in math, writing, spelling, etc. A lack of education can have severe adverse effects.

What does it mean to become less able?

1 without; lacking. speechless. 2 not able to (do something) or not able to be (done, performed, etc.) countless.

What does not able mean?

: not able : incapable: such as. a : unqualified, incompetent. b : impotent, helpless. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About unable.

What are synonyms for educated?


  • accomplished.
  • civilized.
  • cultured.
  • informed.
  • knowledgeable.
  • literate.
  • prepared.
  • skilled.

What are some examples of lack of education?

Causes of Lack of Education Across The World

  • Poverty and Lack of Access.
  • Low Economy of Developing Countries.
  • Lack of Teachers or Having Teachers Untrained.
  • No Classroom.
  • Lack of Materials for Education.
  • Denied Education for Children with Disabilities.

Where is lack of education?

Overview of the right to education worldwide Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected area with over 32 million children of primary school age remaining uneducated. Central and Eastern Asia, as well as the Pacific, are also severely affected by this problem with more than 27 million uneducated children.

How do you say illiterate in a nice way?

I would probably go with unlettered, an old-fashioned but still readily-understandable English word that literally means illiterate, but will be taken as quite polite, perhaps even quaint.

What is another word for “lack of Education”?

Synonyms for lack of education. backwardness. illiteracy. illiterateness. lack of knowledge. nescience. unenlightenment.

Is “gotten” an uneducated or a slang word?

“Gotten” does have that kind of uneducated tone to it because you might hear it in parts of the country where maybe people are as educated as in other places. However, I’ve never heard it used as a slang word.

What does uneducated mean?

Definition of uneducated. : having or showing little or no formal schooling : not educated Owing to my father being left an orphan at the age of six years, in poverty, and in a new country, he became a wholly uneducated man.— Abraham Lincoln an uneducated attitude.

What are some words associated with education?


  • Attendance
  • Blackboard
  • Certificate
  • Chapter
  • Class Master
  • Classmate
  • College
  • Correction
  • Duster