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How do you reset the flash on a Nikon SB-900?

How do you reset the flash on a Nikon SB-900?

Now you know why Nikon pushes wireless flash. With all the ways you can screw up the settings, it’s a Godsend that you can reset the SB-900 to where yo need it simply by holding both green buttons. The 17-200mm zoom range is a crock.

How do I update SB900 firmware?

Guide for download and installing this firmware update

  1. Download the firmware (F-SB900-V502M.
  2. Format an approved memory card in the camera.
  3. Connect the camera to the computer (in MSC Mass Storage USB mode) or use a memory card reader.
  4. Copy the firmware file (SB900502.

How do I connect my Nikon SB 900 to wireless network?

How To Setup Nikon SB-900 As a “Wireless Remote Unit”

  1. Turn the switch while holding down the button at the center.
  2. Align the index on the power ON-OFF switch to REMOTE.
  3. Press the Function button 1, then turn the selector dial to choose a desired group name, and press the OK button.

How do you use the Nikon SB E flash?

When you intend to use it with the EM, slide the switch to EM position, and move the switch to FM-FE when you intend to use it with either a FE or FM camera. With EM or FE, a ready-light on the flash and inside the viewfinder will glow up, indicating the flash is fully charged and ready to fire.

How do I turn on my external flash on my Nikon?

Step one: Turn on your dSLR and choose one of the manual exposure modes (PASM). Press the Menu button. Find the Custom Setting Menu and within this, choose the Bracketing/Flash option. Now, scroll down until you see the Flash cntrl for built-in flash option.

What to do with a Nikon SB-900 flash?

This SB-900 is more of a video game than a flash. The SB-900 is for full-time wedding and news pros, which I’m not. The smaller flashes work just as well, are smaller, and a fraction of the price.

Can a Nikon SB-900 work in TTL mode?

If you do use it on an older camera, the SB-600, SB-800 and every other flash Nikon has ever made will work perfectly in TTL mode, but not the SB-400 or SB-900. If you put the SB-900 on one of these other cameras, the SB-900 is smart enough to go in to A mode magically, instead of blinking at you in TTL.

Which is better SB-400 or SB-900 ready light?

The SB-900 ready light is too bright when seen from behind, but it’s directional and less visible for the sides. The ready lights of the SB-400 and SB-600 are much more visible from the sides. It seems silly, but the SB-900 ready light is inferior.

Which is faster Nikon SB-800 or SB-900?

Nikon claims the SB-900 is 25% faster with 4-AAs than the SB-800 is with five AAs! My tests didn’t impress me that much. 4.) Sadly what might have been a battery level display on the LCD is just measuring whether or not you can keep shooting, or if you’ve overheated the flash. 5.) Even more complexity and menus.