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How do you keep comics in good condition?

How do you keep comics in good condition?

Keep Comics Upright: Store them upright whenever possible. When stacked, the weight of the comics on whatever issues are on the bottom may cause pages to stick together over time (depending on the ink quality, age, humidity, and temperature). Use Storage Sleeves: Consider keeping comics in storage sleeves.

What makes a comic mint condition?

A Mint comic book is an extreme rarity, at least if the comic has been published for some amount of time. There are variations, but a mint condition comic essentially refers to a book fresh off the printing press. For Mint, you’re looking for perfect colors, perfect cover, sharp corners, and, well, no flaws.

How do you store and preserve Comic books?

What can be done to preserve comic books? Take measures to limit exposure to moisture by placing books in archival bags or sleeves made from polypropylene, polyethylene or polyethyleneterephalate (Mylar). Never store comic books directly on the floor. Avoid storing books in attics, basements or other damp areas.

Does heat damage comic books?

Avoid areas with known insect and pest infestations such as silverfish (which can be indicative of other problems) – pests can destroy a collection without you even realising, monitor the area. Choose an area away from direct sunlight, the heat and UV radiation will damage your comics.

Can I store comics flat?

If you’re serious about keeping your comics in the best condition possible then you need to bag and board them. This process involves getting comic sized slip bags and placing your comic inside them. A backing board is then placed behind the comic in the bag, keeping it flat and rigid.

What grade is VF in comics?

A used comic book showing some substantial wear. Cover shows significant wear, and may be loose or even detached at one staple. Cover reflectivity is very low….Comic Grading Tutorial.

10 Point Grading Scale
9.0 VF/NM Very Fine/Near Mint
8.5 VF+ Very Fine+
8.0 VF Very Fine
7.5 VF- Very Fine-

What does FN mean comics?


NM Near Mint, as new
FN Fine but with noticeable defects
VG Very Good but with more noticeable defects than Fine
GD Good, worn but readable
FR Fair but badly worn

How do I keep my comics from turning yellow?

How to Keep Your Books From Yellowing

  1. Store them away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays cause fading on the covers and spines and promote yellowing of the pages much faster.
  2. Store under moderate humidity.
  3. Allow for proper air circulation.
  4. Use archival paper between the pages of the book.
  5. Handle properly.

How do you store comics on a shelf?

The best place to store your comics is in a dry, dark place like a spare room, wardrobe or cupboard. Trade paperback and hardcovers are generally stored on a bookshelf, like you would do with a regular book or novel.

How do I keep my comics from falling over in the box?

Why is it important to keep comic books in mint condition?

Light from the sun, as well as high heat, can fade colors and turn pages brittle quickly. And, of course, vermin and pests love destroying paper items. A steady temperature, darkness, dryness, and pest-free are keys to the proper space.

Why is it important to store comic books?

The proper storage of comic books is not complex. After all, artifacts made of paper and ink are among the most durable objects ever devised by humanity. If a comic book is a physical object designed to transmit important information through visual media, then it is surely among the most indestructible forms ever made.

Is it bad to have a comic book collection?

Extreme heat could possibly be a problem, especially when it is coupled with humidity, but no amount of cold should bother your comic book collection. The natural climate conditioning that comes with human habitation should be more than enough to defend your comic book collection for years and years.

Where is the best place to store comic books?

No special place is required to store a comic book collection. The back shelf of a closet is perfect for long-term storage. It goes without saying that it is better to keep the comics off the floor, as they are less likely to encounter spills, leaks, and various accidents.