How do you get past the guards in Shinra building?

How do you get past the guards in Shinra building?

Enter the main area and sneak past the first set of guards using the statues as cover. (They patrol in a set pattern: move left, switch places, move right, switch places. Move to the middle statue as they move right, then break right as soon as they turn to move left.)

Does the plate drop on Sector 7?

The Sector 7 Pillar separates and falls. Shinra identified Sector 7 as the home of Barret’s Avalanche cell, and sent the Turks to separate the plate from the pillar, causing the plate to drop.

Can you go back to Sector 7?

After the duel is finished, you’ll have to return to the slums in Sector 7 via the Sewers. You are required to do this the first time, but once the area has been cleared, there will be no way to return.

How do I get the keycard in ff7?

In the next console room, on level B7, you’ll find another card sitting on top of a box. There’s one more keycard hidden in the hallways between B7 and B6, in a far corner of the boxy room where the stairs reverse direction and you briefly get into a fight. Another keycard is found in the next console room, level B6.

What is the mayor of Midgar password?

Note that if you’re playing a version of the game that isn’t in English or Japanese then the right word is always MAKO.

What floor is aerith?

Tifa acquires the keycard. To free Aerith on the 65th floor, they head first to the 59th floor.

Do you have to dispose the first M unit?

Overall, your best option is to spend your Keycards on Programming Cores and Big Bombers when you have the chance. You can always buy more items to help you, so disposing the M Units doesn’t do much.

What does Mayor Domino give you?

After speaking with Mayor Domino at the 62nd floor of the Shinra building, Hart will offer you to give information about the Avalanche collaborator for 10,000 Gil.

How do I get to Shinra headquarters?

3: Use Entrance Or Back Door To Enter Shinra Building You can enter Shinra Building in 2 ways; through entrance or from back door. If you use the entrance, you will encounter enemies randomly. If you take the back door, you have to climb up long stairs to reach 60F.

Who kills Hojo?

Hojo reveals he is Sephiroth’s father, concedes that Cloud is the most successful Sephiroth-clone, and that he has injected himself with Jenova’s cells (which is implied to have cost him what little sanity he had). The party attacks Hojo as he mutates into grotesque forms, and is killed.

Where is Sector 7 in Final Fantasy VII remake?

社宅地区 (Shataku Chiku?, lit. Company Housing District) Sector 7 is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake that takes place in Upper Sector 7. It is a town explored with only Cloud Strife in the party, though both Biggs and Wedge are guest characters.

Who is Vincent in Final Fantasy sector 7?

Vincent stands before the fallen plate. Denzel, a resident of Sector 7’s upper plate, survived the fall, but was orphaned. He joined a band called the Sector Seven Scavengers, and made a living by selling scrap metal from the ruins of Sector 7 to the builders of the new city of Edge .

Who are the characters that died in Sector 7?

Shinra successfully dropped the plate, crushing the town and killing Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret escaped using a zipline, and Aerith was able to rescue Marlene, but was captured by the Turks . Vincent stands before the fallen plate.

Where do you go in Sector 7 walkthrough?

Exit the area via the western edge of the screen to reach the slums, where Barret will run some bar rats out of their watering hole. Talk to the handful of slum-dwellers standing about if you care to, but ignore all the buildings save the one Barret is standing in front of – there’s nothing of interest to do in them right now, anyway.