How do you drink Botrytis Semillon?

How do you drink Botrytis Semillon?

Botrytis Semillon has the sweetness and richness to partner effortlessly with all manner of cakes and sweet desserts. This is one of the few wine styles that you can drink quite cold, so pop a bottle in the fridge and cue it for dessert. A half bottle will keep six or eight guests more than happy!

What is Botrytis Semillon?

De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon is rightfully considered Australia’s premier dessert wine. Lifted apricot marmalade with hints of toffee and fig on the nose lay a path for a palate full of dried apricot and $31.99 per bottle. Add to cart.

How long does Botrytis Semillon last?

Sweet dessert wines that aren’t fortified (e.g. botrytis Semillons, Late/ Autumn Harvest) – Semillon is an excellent variety for long-term ageing, expect to be able to put it away for up to 15 years. It will continue to develop intense honey flavours and turn a dark golden colour.

What do you eat with Botrytis Semillon?

A thick, creamy trifle or rich chocolate fondant is sensational with a Botrytis Semillon, while indulgent Italian doughnuts with powdered sugar are perfect with a fortified wine like Black Noble. If you’re looking for something lighter, pair a Pink Moscato with pannacotta, or ice-cream and fruit desserts.

Should noble one be served chilled?

De Bortoli Noble One is perfect served chilled with a platter of blue and washed rind cheeses, fig or dried fruits which compliment the butterscotch, stone fruit and citrus notes in the wine.

Should Muscat be served chilled?

Fortifieds like muscat and topaque should be served cool but not cold – sub 20 degrees is fine with Port and Australian tawnys at a similar temperature. Sherries are best served at a similar temperature though light, dry fino styles can be chilled at 10-12 degrees.

What does botrytis Semillon taste like?

Noble One is the benchmark botrytis-affected Semillon dessert wine from Australia. Rich with aromas of soft orange, white florals and honey with flavours of honeyed apricot and peach preserves. First produced in 1982. Semillon food pairings: mango or tropical cheesecake, blue cheese, fig tarte.

Can you cellar Riesling?

Before diving into the selection, let’s take a look at why riesling is such an awesome option for the cellar. Alongside semillon, riesling is one of the world’s great age-worthy white grapes, offering the structure and acidity to stand the test of time.

Do you drink muscat chilled?

Serve Rutherglen muscats chilled in summer or over ice.

How do you drink a noble one?