How do you become an NHL referee?

How do you become an NHL referee?

NHL Referees In order to become an NHL Referee, officials must have certification and experience as an official in either the USA Hockey league or the Canada Hockey league. They must first acquire certification from their respective league and gain experience through officiating games within that league.

How much do hockey refs make per game?

Today, the average salary of an NHL referee—the ones with the orange arm bands—ranges between $165,000 and $400,000 per regular season, which works out to about $1,500 to $3,000 per game.

How much does it cost to become a USA Hockey referee?

LEVEL 4 REQUIREMENTS: Must submit Registration Fee ($90.00 + applicable Affiliate Fee) Must have been Level 3 or 4 (Complete) last season. Must attain an Open Book Exam score of 45/50. Must attain a Level 4 Closed Book Exam score of 40/50.

Are NHL refs full time?

In each NHL season there are 33 full-time NHL referees and 35 full-time linesmen. Additionally, there are nine part-time referees who split time between the National Hockey League and the AHL.

How much do Amatuer hockey refs make?

How Much Do Amateur Referees Get Paid? As you might expect, amateur referees get paid much less than professional NHL referees. Referees who officiate youth and recreational hockey leagues get paid between $30 and $75 per game, which usually runs over a 75-minute ice time.

At what age can you ref hockey?

Officially, USA Hockey doesn’t have a minimum age for officials. It’s usually recommended that officials don’t work games of their own age or higher. USA Hockey notes that officials as young as ten years-old have successfully officiated in their program.

Where can I take the USA Hockey officials exam?

Go to the Open Book Exam page at the OFFICIALS section of USAHockey.com and follow the steps to begin your online exam. The exam is designed to allow you to go at your own pace. You may answer all questions at once, or answer ten questions every day until it is completed.

How old do you have to be to be an official in USA Hockey?

SafeSport training can be completed by using the SafeSport link under the OFFICIALS tab at USAHockey.com. All officials who are 18 years-old (or older) by June 1 of the current year, must submit to a USA Hockey sanctioned criminal background screen.

Where do I go to register for a USA Hockey seminar?

To find one in your area, go to the Classroom Seminar page at the OFFICIALS section of USAHockey.com. You must create a USAH Courses System profile to complete registration for a seminar (completing Membership Registration does not automatically create a USAH Courses Profile).

Do you need an official to officiate soccer?

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