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How do you beat level 31 in mgs5?

How do you beat level 31 in mgs5?

OBJECTIVE: Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack Pull out your sidearm and simply shoot the boy once to stun Sahelanthropus for a few seconds. Be quick to fire or else the floating boy will disappear and the robot will shoot Snake with a Rail Gun blast, which kills him instantly!

Can you Fulton skulls?

You can Fulton Skulls only after completing the twenty-ninth mission. When playing the mission the second time, focus on bringing the Skulls stamina bar to zero. The easiest way to do it is to use a sniper rifle with non-lethal ammunition and give Quiet similar weapon.

Is Metal Gear Rex Sahelanthropus?

In the “Making of a PV” video, Hideo Kojima described Sahelanthropus in the hangar as Metal Gear REX, presumably to avoid revealing plot details prior to the game’s release. The name “Sahelanthropus” and reason given for the name within the game represents an anachronism. The Phantom Pain takes place in the ’80s.

How to kill Skull Face in Metal Gear Solid?

Skull Face just lays there waiting for Snake, Kaz and others to shoot him repeatedly. No idea how that game ended, but you don’t have the interaction that you have for Quiets mission where you can shoot or capture her.

What is Mission 31 in Metal Gear Solid 5?

Sahelanthropus is Mission 31 in IGN’s Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain S-Rank Walkthrough. This guide will highlight all of the strategies, Collectibles, and tips needed to complete every MGS5 main story mission. Check out more of IGN’s Metal Gear 5 Walkthrough for more Cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips and Tricks and more.

How to defeat Sahelanthropus in Metal Gear Solid?

Next Walkthrough Mission 31 – Sahelanthropus How to defeat Sahelanthropus? Prev Walkthrough Mission 30 – Skull Face Remaining Skull Face – secondary objectives Thirty-first mission of the Metal Gear Solid V is the last one completed during the first chapter of the campaign.

How to defeat Sahelanthropus in Mission 31?

Note – Before you start the 31st mission, make sure that you have access to at least 100,000 GMP on your account, as you will have to call in the supply drop during the encounter numerous times, and those drops aren’t free. Next Walkthrough Mission 31 – Sahelanthropus How to defeat Sahelanthropus?