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How do you beat Darth Maul In Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga?

How do you beat Darth Maul In Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga?

Hit Maul until he jumps on top of a platform and chucks something at you. Force it back to him. Keep going until all his hearts are drained. That’s the end of the level.

How do you get Darth Maul In Lego Star Wars 3?

Darth Maul (Classic) Location: Complete Rookies minikit, then purchase from the minikit bay.

Where is the red brick in Darth Maul DS?

As posted on several Topics: Darth Maul: Need a Dark Force character, in the room with 4 “beams of light” use a Dark Force Character to use the Force on objects on the 4 towers over the light beams, this reveals the Red Brick.

What is the code in Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga?

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Character Codes

Cheat Code Character Unlocked
KLJ897 Jango Fett
MUN486 Ki Adi Mundi
LUM521 Luminara
VBJ322 Padme

How do you get to Darth Maul Lego Star Wars?

Jump across onto the platform to make it onto the main area. Upon landing, Maul will run away, dropping your only means of getting to him. Battle Droid Commanders also appear, and will constantly send Battle Droids towards you if you don’t kill them. So destroy the two commanders, then destroy the rest.

Where can I find the Lego Star Wars walkthrough?

E-mail: cyricz42 at I want to thank all of my readers for making this guide my #1 guide, still after all these years. In an effort to allow my guide to hit an even larger audience, I’m going back through it and updating it with the modern GameFAQs formatting. This should make accessing pertinent information easier.

How to get Darth Maul to drop the bridge?

Remember to press B just before the blaster bolt hits you to reflect it directly back at the droid. Once all four are scrap, Maul will try to throw something at you. Use the Force on it quickly to send it back at him, which will knock off a heart. Hit him three times like this and he’ll drop the bridge and run.

Where do you get studs in Lego Star Wars?

True Jedi at 25,000: One of the harder Stud Totals in the game, you’ll get most of it in the generators and the shield room, in the generator room, remember to go to each of the four corners and ride the beams up, then force all the red lights to get a lot of studs. Here we have our first boss battle!