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How do INFPs use TI?

How do INFPs use TI?

When INFPs are “in the grip” of Ti, they become overly obsessed with systematizing things, or they may try to apply cold, hard logic to arguments and define and re-define terms. They may also become increasingly self-critical and focused on their own logical inconsistencies and failures.

What does se Demon mean?

The ENFP and ENTP Personality Types – Demon Extraverted Sensation (Se) Extraverted Sensation is skilled at noticing everything that’s happening in the present moment. It is attuned to details, experiences, and realities. It can accurately assess what’s happening without getting lost in reflections or theories.

What is inferior te?

Fi-doms can use Te consciously for tasks that require attention to external standards, order, and predictability. For instance, when working on a project, one needs to understand the standards for evaluating the final product and then organize/plan linear and logical steps to complete it properly.

What is INFP shadow function?

The shadow state often happens to the INFP when they are under times of extreme stress, pulling these functions which they don’t consciously use or understand quite so well. This causes the INFP to rely heavily on their inner emotions and morals, always striving to make steps towards doing the right thing.

What is the Entp shadow?

ENTP Under Stress (Shadow Mode): The ENTPs Unhealthy Dark Side. ENTPs can often handle a certain amount of stress, since they do thrive on challenges and experiences. They enjoy being able to dive into something which gives them new opportunities to grow and learn, but it is different when they undergo extreme stress.

What is the Infj shadow?

INFJ Under Stress (Shadow Mode): The INFJs Unhealthy Dark Side. INFJs are often thrown out of their normal functions by these times of being under pressure, and will behave much different than their usual selves. They try their best to make sense of, often feeling a sense of guilt when this occurs.

What is fi grip?

In the grip of inferior Introverted Feeling, Extraverted Thinking types become hypersensitive to their own and others emotions, often misinterpreting comments from others as personal criticism. Even mild negative comments may provoke hurt feelings when the Extraverted Thinking type is in this state.

What is TI grip?

TL;DR: Ti grip is someone taking their own personal interests into account rather than collective emotional values.

What is Trickster se?

The INTP and INFP Personality Types – Trickster Extraverted Sensation (Se) Extraverted Sensation is skilled at noticing everything that’s happening in the present moments. It is attuned to opportunities, experiences, and spur-of-the-moment enjoyments.