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How do I update my Sky viewing card?

How do I update my Sky viewing card?

  1. Insert your card into your Sky Q box with the gold chip facing up.
  2. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Settings, then System Info.
  3. Select Viewing Card Number, then select Setup. The message “Pairing viewing card” will display, followed by “Viewing card paired”.

What is the default Sky PIN number?

If you haven’t changed it, it will be the last 4 digits of your Viewing Card.

What is Sky viewing card number?

Customers can find their Sky viewing card number by going to the System Information / System Details page within the Settings menu. How do I find my viewing card number? You can find your viewing card number using your remote:- For Sky Q press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Settings, then select System Information.

How do I pair my viewing card to my Sky box?

Sign into the My Sky app with your SkyID. Select Manage account, then TV followed by TV settings. Select Activate next to Activate card and follow the on-screen instructions, entering the details you made a note of earlier.

Why does my Sky viewing card not work?

Are you seeing one of the below error messages? If you are, check that your viewing card is firmly inserted with the arrows pointing towards your Sky box and the card chip facing down. If you’re still seeing the message, reset your viewing card.

How do I reactivate my Sky subscription?

To reinstate your account, you must setup a continuous payment method and pay your FULL balance.

  1. Go to and Sign in.
  2. Type a continuous payment method and click Update your payment details.
  3. Type a payment amount and your card details.
  4. Click Next and confirm the reinstate timescales.

How do I reset my Sky PIN if I forgot it?

Reset your PIN:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select My Account then Reset PIN.
  2. Depending on how you pay your bill, you’ll be asked to type certain security information.
  3. Type your new PIN twice.
  4. Press Dismiss to finish.

How do I get my Sky card out of the box?

The viewing card is located at the front of the box in the bottom right-hand corner – on some boxes it’s exposed, however on others it’s behind a plastic cover/flap which can be pulled down. If you’re still seeing the message, reset your viewing card.

How can I get Sky prime for free?

Open the Prime Video app and follow the instructions to pair your device with your Prime membership. If you’re not a Prime member, sign up via the Prime Video app to enjoy a 30-day free trial. For more help getting Prime Video on all of your Sky Q boxes, visit our step by step guide.

How can I get Amazon Prime Video on Sky?

Scroll down and change the flag on the bottom right of this page. Prime Video delivers Amazon Originals, popular movies and TV shows plus a limited selection of live sports. Prime Video also offers additional channel subscriptions and rental for movies & TV shows. How do I get Prime Video on Sky Q?

How long does it take for a Sky Box to respond?

Turn the power off to the Sky box for at least 30 seconds then power it on again. It may take ten to twenty minutes before your box will respond as normal without informing you that it is initialising or being generally slow to respond.

Where to find revision number on Sky Box?

This will be written on the back of the Sky box or can be read from the Sky+ app if you have it installed on your phone or tablet. Next you need to know your revision number which the Sky firmware also calls the ‘Model Number’.