How do I set maximum zoom level in Google Maps?

How do I set maximum zoom level in Google Maps?

Setting up Minimum or maximum Zoom value for Google Maps can be done by adding the shortcode attribute with Store Locator Shortcode, the Maximum value of Google Maps Zoom level is 22, so the defined value must be below or equal to 22 which is default.

How do I change the zoom on Google Maps?

Zoom in the map

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .
  2. Double tap a spot on the map, and then: Drag down to zoom in. Drag up to zoom out.

How do I limit areas on Google Maps?

Google map plugin provides easiest way to limit panning/dragging so the map stays within certain bounds using limit panning settings.

  1. Step 1 Go to Add or Edit Map and scroll down to ‘Limit Panning Settings’ section.
  2. Step 2 Enable ‘Limit Panning’ tab.

What is the default zoom of Google Maps?

The default zoom level is set to 10, but Google provides levels from 1 -16.

Can you set the scale on Google Maps?

To change the map scale units used on the Google Maps desktop website on your Windows 10 PC or Mac, click the scale bar in the bottom-right corner. Selecting the scale bar will switch to the other measurements, allowing you to quickly view the map scale in miles, kilometers, or relevant smaller units.

What is API restriction?

Application restrictions limit an API key’s usage to a specific platform (Android or iOS) or specific sites (public IP address and web site). Only one type of application restriction may be added to any individual API key. API restrictions limit usage of API keys to one or more Google Maps Platform APIs or SDKs.

What’s the maximum zoom level for Google Maps?

Also see the Maps JavaScript API Reference: Max Zoom The Google Maps API provides map tiles at various zoom levels for map type imagery. Most roadmap imagery is available from zoom levels 0 to 18, for example. Satellite imagery varies more widely as this imagery is not generated, but directly photographed.

Where do I find Max zoom in JavaScript?

A MaxZoom result in JSON format retrieved from the MaxZoomService. The maximum zoom level found at the given LatLng. Status of the request. This property is only defined when using callbacks with MaxZoomService.getMaxZoomAtLatLng (it is not defined when using Promises).

How to access the Max zoom imagery service?

Accessing the MaxZoomService is asynchronous, since the Google Maps API needs to make a call to an external server. For that reason, you need to pass a callback method to execute upon completion of the request.