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How do I scan with MP Navigator EX?

How do I scan with MP Navigator EX?

Easy Scanning with One-click

  1. Place the document on the Platen.
  2. Start MP Navigator EX and open the Navigation Mode screen.
  3. Point to One-click.
  4. Click the corresponding icon.
  5. Select Document Type according to the document to be scanned.
  6. Set the document size and scanning resolution as required.
  7. Start scanning.

How do I download Canon MP Navigator?

Install/Download the MP Navigator EX file

  1. On the Canon Support page enter the name of your printer in the search box.
  2. When the support page for your model loads, select Drivers & Downloads.
  3. Click on the Software tab, choose SELECT to the right of the listing for MP Navigator EX, then select DOWNLOAD.

What is Canon MP Navigator?

By Canon. MP Navigator for Windows is an application that enables you to work with digital photos and images. Also you can scan, copy documents. Using MP Navigator for Windows you can send image for printing, attach to e-mail or save it in PDF format.

Where is the MP Navigator EX icon?

Open [Applications] -> [Canon Utilities] -> [MP Navigator EX 1.0] folders, then double-click the [MP Navigator EX 1.0] icon.

How do I scan multiple pages on Canon Navigator EX?

To save more than one item to a file, select PDF(Multiple Pages). Select the Set button to set the PDF compression type, or to apply other advanced settings to the file. Place the first original on the scanner and Select Scan. When the scan completes, place the next document on the scanner and select Scan again.

How do I reinstall MP Navigator?

Double-click the hard disk icon where MP Navigator was installed, double-click the ‘Applications’ folder, and put the MP Navigator icon into Trash. Be sure to move any MP Navigator aliases or shortcuts to the trash as well. Restart your computer. After the software has been removed, reinstall MP Navigator .

Where is navigator on Mac?

The slide navigator appears on the left side of the current slide.

How do you use MP Navigator?

Scan documents such as photographs and text on the platen.

  1. On the Windows desktop, double-click the MP Navigator EX 1.0 icon.
  2. Point to Scan/Import and click Photos/Documents (Platen).
  3. Place the document face-down on the platen, and select Document Type.
  4. Click Specify… and set the preferences as required.
  5. Click Scan.

Is the Canon MP navigator ex Free Software?

Powerful device software for Canon printers, scanners and all-in-one devices that manages and enables you to print and scan documents. Canon MP Navigator EX is a freeware document scanner software download filed under camera software and made available by Canon for Windows.

What can I do with MP Navigator 2.0?

Scan, save, and print photos and documents from your PC. Get help with printer features, such as scanning. Check out this comprehensive mod for Homeworld 2. Prepare a multimedia extravaganza of movies, screensavers, and more with this engaging tool. Learn how to use and connect Standard .exe client.

Can a PDF file be searched with MP navigator ex?

2. Only the words or phrases in the PDF file created with MP Navigator EX can be searched. The words or phrases in the PDF files created with any other application software or the PDF file (created with MP Navigator EX) that is additionally edited with any other software cannot be searched.

Which is the latest version of Canon navigator?

No specific info about version 2.0. Please visit the main page of Canon MP Navigator on Software Informer.