How do I reset my Legrand Smart Switch?

How do I reset my Legrand Smart Switch?

Press and hold the device for 10 seconds. See attachment for instructions as to where to press and hold on each device. The locator light will flash amber when the device has been reset.

How do I reset my Legrand smart dimmer?

On the Devices screen, select the light from the dropdown and then select the Trash icon. After about 15s the device will reset to factory defaults.

How do you calibrate a dimmer switch?

By pressing the off button within 5 seconds of introducing power to the dimmer, it will initiate manual calibration. This is initially denoted by flashing green and red LEDs. Pressing the on and off buttons now will extend or shorten the lower dimming limit. Pressing both buttons together will save the setting.

How do I reset my LeGrand smart dimmer?

changing light bulbs. Deleting a device from the app will reset it to factory defaults. To manually reset the dimmer to factory defaults press and hold the dim (-) button for 10 seconds until you see the LED blink then release.

What do you need to know about the radiant dimmer?

Upgrade your space with precise dimming control and exceptional style, with this dimmer designed for use with most compact fluorescent and LED dimmable bulbs (not for use with 0-10V options). Part of the radiant® Collection, it also features clean lines and smooth control for a sophisticated touch.

Can a single pole CFL be used as a dimmer?

Replaces any basic switch or dimmer with ease, in both single-pole and 3-way applications. Rated for use with the following dimmable bulb types: 450W LED,CFL, 700W Incandescent, or 120VAC, 60Hz Low-profile paddle switch offers smoother On/Off control, while a separate, ergonomic slider allows you to adjust light levels with precision.

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What does constant memory dimmer on CFL Do?

Constant memory features returns lights to their previous level after a power failure or outage. Adjustment dial allows users to adjust the bottom of the dimming range for a broad selection of CFL and LED bulbs. No derating* required in multi-gang applications.