How do I reset my HP Deskjet 4050?

How do I reset my HP Deskjet 4050?

HP LaserJet 4050 reset maintenance count instructions

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Simultaneously hold down the minus side of the Item key, and the minus side of the Value key.
  3. Turn the printer on while holding these buttons.
  4. Wait for RESET MAINTENANCE COUNT to be displayed and then release both keys.

Why is laser printer printing blank pages?

A faulty or defective printer controller or one or more defective circuit boards inside of your Samsung laser printer can cause the device to print blank pages. A faulty laser shutter, transfer roller or laser scanner cable might also cause your printer to print blank pages.

Why is my printer not printing properly?

The heads, nozzles and other components of the printer can become dirty or clogged, leading to issues with quality, such as white lines running across your page. Your printer may have a head-cleaning feature available through your device software located on your computer or from the control panel on the printer itself.

Why is my HP LaserJet printer not printing?

You need to ensure your HP printer has enough paper, ink or toner, and it is not stuck on paper jam. Also check the status of your printer cartridge and try replacing it with a new one if it is not good enough. In some cases your HP printer stops printing after you replace its parts.

How do I fix my printer from printing black pages?

Remove the partially printed paper and look if the print is all black, then look at the imaging drum on the toner to see if there is any print. If it is all black then it is either a defective toner cartridge or a problem with the high voltage power supply.

What causes poor print quality?

If you notice that your print quality is uneven, too light, too dark, or there are vertical or horizontal lines in the print (banding), try these solutions: Run a nozzle check to see if any of the print head nozzles are clogged. Do not open any printer covers during printing. …

How to print a document on a HP LaserJet 4050?

To print selected pages: From the File menu, choose Print. Choose Pages. In the From and To boxes type the range of pages you wish to print. Then click OK. To print the whole document: From the File menu, choose Print . Choose All n pages (n represents the total number of pages in the document), then click OK.

Is the HP LaserJet 4050 a registered trademark?

Trademark Credits Adobe and PostScript are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Arial and Times New Roman are U.S. registered trademarks of the Monotype Corporation. Microsoft, MS Windows, Windows, and Windows NT are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

How to go back to previous page on hp 4050 printer?

To go to the next page: Click the Next Page button in the toolbar, or press the Right Arrow or Down Arrow. To return to the previous page: Click the Previous Page button in the toolbar, or press the Left Arrow or Up Arrow. To go to the first page: Click the First Page button in the toolbar.

Where do I find the user guide for the HP 4050 T?

Click the Index icon to go to the index for the online user’s guide. The index entres are linki ed to their related topics. Click the Up Arrow icon to go to the previous page. Click the Down Arrow icon to go to the next page. iv EN