How do I get my KRA form online?

How do I get my KRA form online?

This is how you register for your KRA PIN.

  1. Visit
  2. Select “New PIN Registration”
  3. Select “Non-Individual” and “Online Form” as your mode of registration.
  4. Fill in your basic information.
  5. Select suitable tax obligation by checking the relevant boxes.
  6. Enter details of company directors or partners.

How do I download KRA p9 form?

Log in to your iTax account using your KRA pin and password. Click on the Returns tab and click File Return. Select your tax obligations(Income Tax-Resident Individual) then click Next. Download the Income Tax Resident Individual Form( You will be directed on how to download and Unzip it)

How can I get KRA PIN from ID number?

Visit a nearby KRA office or Huduma Centre with your original ID with you. Request for the retrieval of your KRA pin at the customer service desk. You will be asked to provide your original ID. Once they confirm your details, you will be given a printed copy of your KRA certificate.

How can I get KRA PIN online?

How do I file TSC tax return?

How to file tax returns for Teachers

  1. Visit: KRA Itax portal.
  2. Login with your pin and password.
  3. Go to returns.
  4. Select File Returns.
  5. Select Income Tax-Resident Individual and click next tab.
  6. Download the excel template and fill the tables.
  7. Fill the details in the form with the help of the P9 Form.

How do I file KRA return if unemployed?

SECTION 1: How to file Tax returns for unemployed/students (Guide)

  1. Login with username and Password.
  2. Go to Returns Page.
  3. Click File Nill Returns.
  4. Select Income Tax Resident.
  5. Enter Returns Period.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Download Your Receipt.
  8. Details available in the next step.

Can you file returns without P9 form?

Hi, please note that if you do not have another source of income, you can file the returns without the P9. Kindly log to your iTax portal using the PIN and password. Click on ITR for employment income only on the returns tab. Enter the return period, and select YES to having employment income only.

How do I download KRA Eslip?

How to generate e-slip on iTax without hassle

  1. Access the official portal.
  2. KRA pin and password needed.
  3. Get to the iTax web portal account.
  4. Go to payment and registration tabs.
  5. You will get to the e-Payment dashboard.
  6. Input the necessary payment information details.
  7. Add mode of payment and payment details.
  8. Download the slip.

What is the deadline for filing tax returns in Kenya 2021?

June 30, 2021
More than 5.5 million taxpayers filed their tax returns for the year 2020 at the close of the June 30, 2021 deadline. This saw Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) record 1.1 million more taxpayers filing their returns compared to 4.4 million last year – a 19 per cent growth.

How do I download my KRA PIN certificate?

How to print KRA PIN from the iTax portal

  1. Step 1: Open the KRA iTax portal. The KRA iTax portal interface.
  2. Step 2: Enter your KRA PIN.
  3. Step 3: Enter your password.
  4. Step 4: Navigating the iTax portal dashboard.
  5. Step 5: Open the Registration menu.
  6. Step 6: Choose the applicant type.
  7. Step 7: Download the certificate.