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How do I fix domain error on TI-84?

How do I fix domain error on TI-84?

How to Fix Domain Error on the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator

  1. Turn on your TI-84 by pressing the “On” button.
  2. Type your formula or equation and press “Enter.” If you get an error message, scroll to “1:Quit” and press “Enter.”
  3. Press “2nd” and “Quit” or “Clear” as an alternative.
  4. Correct the error.

Why is my calculator giving me a domain error?

DOMAIN. You usually get this message when you’re using a function housed on a menu of the calculator. If that function is, for example, expecting you to enter a number in a specified range, you get this error message if that number isn’t in the specified range.

Why do I get a domain error on TI 84?

Please Note: If any of the values used are negative numbers, decimal numbers, or numbers larger than 1E12, it will give a domain error. To correct this, you will need to change any incorrect values inputted to a non-negative, non-decimal integer less than 1E12.

What does domain error mean on TI 84?

How do I fix domain errors?

To resolve this issue, remove the computer from the domain, and then connect the computer to the domain.

  1. Use a local administrator account to log on to the computer.
  2. Select Start, press and hold (or right-click) Computer > Properties.
  3. Select Change settings next to the computer name.

What is 2 prop Z test?

A Two-Proportion Hypothesis Test allows you to test a statistical hypothesis about the difference between two proportions in a population. You use a two prop z-test when you are analyzing two samples, and you are making hypothesis based on two proportions.

How do you reset a TI 84 Plus calculator?

Q: How can I completely reset my TI 84 Plus back to the factory default settings?

  1. Press 2nd MEM (that is the second function of the + key)
  2. Choose 7 (Reset)
  3. Scroll right so that ALL is selected.
  4. Press 1.
  5. Press 2 (Reset, and read the warnings)

Are there undefined values in Ti 84 Plus CE?

You attempted to divide by zero. This error is not returned during graphing. The TI‑84 Plus CE allows for undefined values on a graph. You attempted a linear regression with a vertical line. You specified an argument to a function or instruction outside the valid range. The TI‑84 Plus CE allows for undefined values on a graph.

What to do when you get an argument error on Ti 84?

If you don’t, you get the ERROR: ARGUMENT error message. To avoid this error, you can use the Catalog Help feature to see the syntax of the function you would like to use. Press [MATH] and use the down-arrow key to move your cursor to the fMin function as shown in the first screen.

Why are my Stat plots not working on my TI-84?

Stat Plot1 and Stat Plot3 are highlighted in the first screen. Move your cursor over the highlighted stat plots and press [ENTER] to turn off the stat plots, as illustrated in the second screen. If your screen is too light or too dark to read the calculations, you can fix it easily.

Why is my catalog not showing on my Ti 84?

Press [+] to access the Catalog Help feature as illustrated in the second screen. If your cursor is in the column heading and you press [DEL], the list disappears from view. List L 2 isn’t displayed in the first screen. Don’t worry!