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How do I contact Paychex?

How do I contact Paychex?

Please visit our customer support page for help regarding your services, including specific ways you can contact us. You can also call 833-299-0168 for additional support options.

How do I check my paystub on Paychex?

Check stubs are available from the Check Stubs tile on the My Account dashboard in Paychex Flex. If the Check Stubs tile is empty, your first check stub may not have generated yet. If you don’t see a Check Stubs tile, ask your employer if your company subscribes to this service. If so, contact Paychex at 888-246-7500.

What benefits does Paychex offer employees?

Employee Benefits Services

  • Group Health Insurance. Keeping track of employee eligibility, enrollment, and COVID-19 legislation can swamp your business in endless detail.
  • Retirement Services.
  • Health Savings Accounts.
  • Dental and Vision.
  • Tax-Saving Plans.

How much does Paychex charge per employee?

Paychex Review The basic service, Paychex Go, costs $59/month and $4 per employee. The next two tiers, Paychex Flex Select and Paychex Flex Enterprise, are custom designed and custom priced based on a company’s needs.

Who owns Paychex?

Tom Golisano
Tom Golisano founded payroll giant Paychex in 1971 with just $3,000 and a credit card. He served as CEO until 2004 and remains chairman of the publicly-traded company. Born in Rochester, New York, to a macaroni salesman and a seamstress, Golisano ran for governor three times under the Independence Party of New York.

What is my client ID Paychex?

The Paychex Client ID can be found by selecting Company from the menu. If you’re not sure where to find your Paychex Codes, reach out to a Paychex representative or your payroll provider to assist you.

Is Paychex a good place to work?

On average, employees at Paychex give their company a 3.8 rating out of 5.0 – which is 3% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest Paychex employees are Sales Consultants submitting an average rating of 4.5 and Senior Payroll Specialists with a rating of 3.9.

How much does it cost to hire a payroll company?

Payroll companies generally charge a basic package fee. Fees may range from as small as $25 to as high as $200 per month. This cost typically includes paycheck processing, online access for employers and employees, direct deposit and basic tax filing.

Why is Paychex better than ADP?

One of the main reasons RUN Powered by ADP scores slightly higher is that it’s better suited to new business owners unfamiliar with payroll systems, while Paychex Flex is better suited to those that know their way around payroll processing.

Who is Paychex HR services in Houston, TX?

Paychex has a wide range of HR and payroll services to fit the needs of any business. We work with office managers, HR directors, and small business owners throughout the Houston, Texas area, bringing nearly a half century of experience to every client we proudly serve.

What do you need to know about Paychex in Texas?

Paychex payroll and HR solutions are used by businesses throughout Texas, and we try to help you improve efficiency and productivity so you can focus on the big picture – growing your business.

Is there a payroll company in Houston TX?

Industry-leading payroll services in Houston might be right in front of you. Paychex offers a wide range of unique features that makes us stand out from other HR and payroll companies, such as intuitive technology, scalable services, online employee access, and a comprehensive library of HR information.

Which is the best HR platform for Paychex?

Paychex earned recognition as a “Top HR Product of the Year” by HR Executive magazine and the HR Technology Conference & Exposition for the remote workforce enablement solutions included in its cloud-based SaaS platform, Paychex Flex®. World’s Most Innovative Companies