How do I check my TTU schedule?

How do I check my TTU schedule?

Texas Tech Class Schedules

  1. Click on Public Listing of Class Schedule and Course Offerings.
  2. Click on Class Schedule.
  3. Click on the term of interest.
  4. Search by Subject and/or Course Number.
  5. Click Class Search.
  6. To see further information about a course, click on the blue link with the course title.

Where are my classes TTU?

To access your course, first log in to Raiderlink, and then select the eLearning tab. You should then be able to locate your course within the information posted. For further assistance, please contact IT Help Central at 742-HELP (4357).

What does TPD mean on schedule builder?

To be eligible for TPD, you must meet the program’s definition of total and permanently disabled.

How do I find a hold at Texas Tech?

You can take care of all holds within the Admitted Student Tasklist. You can also view your holds when you log into the RRO registration system. Your holds, if any, are listed under the Questionnaire page, in the Student Information section.

How do I register for classes at TTU?

Log in to Log in to Raiderlink ( using your eRaider username and password. Navigate to the MyTech tab, then click on Manage My Enrollment>Registration.

What happens if I fail a class TTU?

Courses taken pass/fail for grade replacement can only replace a grade of F. Students may repeat a course for credit only one time at the normal tuition rate. Additional tuition may be charged for a course taken more than two times.

How many hours is a full-time student?

A student carrying 12 or more credit hours in a fall or spring semester is considered a full-time student. Other definitions: Freshman: a student who has completed fewer than 30 credit hours. Sophomore: a student who has completed 30 or more credit hours.

What is TTU strive?

To help you make the most of it, we created The system helps students, faculty, and staff members all connect for advising, tutoring, coaching, office hours, and many other important meetings. This system offers a quick way for every user to quickly connect with the best folks on our campus.

Can I still drop a class TTU?

Dropping a course(s) during a semester means that a student is still enrolled in classes for the current term. Dropping a course(s) can be done on Raiderlink, through the MyTech tab. Drops do not count against the grade point average, and are noted as a DG on the transcript.