How can I unsub Zong flutter?

How can I unsub Zong flutter?


  1. To subscribe: Dial *369#
  2. To unsubscribe: Send unsub to 369.
  3. This package renews automatically.

What is Zong flutter package?

Daily Flutter bundle will only offer 90 Zong minutes and 100 SMS at PKR 10+Tax. The offer will be auto-recursive, the provided customer has sufficient balance. Call set up of PKR 0.15 will be applicable on every call.

How unsubscribe Zong data SIM monthly package?

If you want to unsubscribe Zong weekly and monthly internet package, then you can call on its helpline number 310. You can tell the customer service operator to deactivate the current Zong monthly internet package or weekly internet packages.

How can I check my Zong subscribed package?

To check your Zong package and many usage details, bundles and more by dial *310# on your mobile.

How do I unsubscribe from flutter package?

Zong Flutter Package – Price and Details

  1. to subscribe: dial *369#
  2. to unsubscribe: send unsub to 369.
  3. this package renews automatically.

How do I cancel my Sixer plus offer?


  1. To Subscribe: *666#
  2. To Unsubscribe: Send Unsub to 666111.

How can I unsubscribe from Zong weekly max?

Customers will first have to unsubscribe the offer by sending unsub nswp to 6464. After that customers can re-subscribe the offer by dialing *220#

How can I unsubscribe Zong SMS package?


  1. Validity. Midnight same day.
  2. Subscription Method. Just Dial *700# and reply with 1 or SMS < sub> to 700.
  3. Unsubscription Method. Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700 (FOC)
  4. Data Usage Check. Dial *102#
  5. Terms & Conditions. Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:

How do I unsubscribe from Super weekly premium?

Zong Super Weekly Premium Offer Code

  1. Offer Status Code: *102# (Charges 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry).
  2. Unsubscribe Code: “UNSUB nswp” and Send to 6464.

How do I get rid of flutter package?

What is Consumer Price Zong?

Rs 49. Consumer Price. 1GB Data 1000 Zong minutes, Validity 3 Days.

How do I unsubscribe from Super weekly?

Which is the best table package for flutter?

The Syncfusion Flutter DataGrid is used to display and manipulate data in a tabular view. Its rich feature set includes different types of columns, selections, column sizing, etc. ⚡️A highly customizable, editable data table (spreadsheet) package for Flutter projects.

How to create a plugin package in flutter?

To create a plugin package, use the –template=plugin flag with flutter create. As of Flutter 1.20.0, Use the –platforms= option followed by a comma separated list to specify the platforms that the plugin supports. Available platforms are: android, ios, web, linux, macos, and windows.

Is there a way to periodically set state in flutter?

I am pretty new on the flutter. As pskink and Günter mentioned, use a Timer. You can even use the periodic constructor that would fit well your scenario. Note you don’t need the asd () function. When you call setState (), the build method will be called automatically passing the new now property value.

Is there an API for Federated plugins in flutter?

The plugin API has been updated and now supports federated plugins that enable separation of different platform implementations. You can also now indicate which platforms a plugin supports, for example web and macOS. Eventually, the old plugin APIs will be deprecated.