How can I contact Rediffmail customer support?

How can I contact Rediffmail customer support?

  1. Have questions about RediffmailPro? Chat with Vedika – our know it all bot! Get answers.
  2. Facing an issue with RediffmailPro? Contact Support 022-61820000. or write to us on [email protected]
  3. Want to see how RediffmailPro could help your business? Contact Sales @ 022-61820000.

Is there a problem with rediffmail today? is UP and reachable by us.

Does rediffmail exist?

Rediffmail is the email hosting brand of India Limited, which was founded in 2005. It doesn’t offer website hosting packages, but it does offer email hosting, domains, and reseller solutions. Its website is available in English.

How can I update my rediffmail account?

I want to upgrade my hosting? How do I do it?

  1. Login to your Rediffmail Pro control panel.
  2. Enter your Email ID and password.
  3. The page after logging in shows the list of all the products that you have purchased.
  4. Locate the hosting account that you want to upgrade.

What happened to rediffmail?

In 2010, Rediffmail NG was launched, an email service for mobile platforms. In 2012, Rediff launched its Android App for Rediff News. In April 2016, the company decided to delist from NASDAQ, citing the high cost of reporting requirements, given its financial condition.

Why is rediffmail not opening in Chrome?

Solution 1: Check If You Can Access Rediffmail On The Web A Simple solution to fix the Rediffmail server not working issue. Step 1: On your Windows computer, open the default browser (Google Chrome) and navigate to the Rediffmail Sign-In page. Step 5: Clear your browser cache.

How can I use my Rediffmail pro ID?

Welcome to support. Support for Rediffmail Personal Accounts. Support for Rediffmail Professional Accounts. How can you use your RediffmailPro id for your school, business or organization?

How to contact customer support in India? India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint. My email id is [protected]@ and I have forgotten my password and the security question answer, please help to unlock as it is really urgent. India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

How do I Configure my email client to read my Rediff mails?

How do I configure the email (Outlook express / Netscape / Eudora) client to read and write my Rediffmail mails?

What’s the special thing about the new Rediffmail?

Please ensure to select a query that best relates to your question. This will enable us to provide a quick and accurate response. What’s special about the new Rediffmail? How to block mail ID’s?