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How big of a truck bed do you need for a motorcycle?

How big of a truck bed do you need for a motorcycle?

The average adult dirt bike length is 82 inches or 6.8 feet. With the diagonal length of a five and a half foot truck bed coming in at 84 inches long, you should be able to fit an average dirt bike in a truck bed that’s five and a half feet long, or longer.

How do you put a motorcycle in a truck without ramps?

The easiest way to get your dirt bike into the back of a truck without a ramp is to find a hill/driveway/grocery store loading dock that you can back your truck up to and then ride your bike onto your make shift ramp and then load it into your truck.

Will a motorcycle fit in a short bed truck?

This means there is good news and bad news. A truck bed won’t fit an average adult dirt bike, even diagonally, unless the bed of the truck is at least five and a half feet long. Putting your bike diagonally into the bed of your truck is going to be your best bet for fitting your bike into a standard short bed.

Can you put a motorcycle in a pickup truck?

Between the motorcycle itself pushing against the ramp upon loading and the suspension of the pickup moving, there is a probability of your ramps will shift on you. Not having your ramps secured means that you may dump the bike. Fail. Let’s have a quick discussion about the ramps you need to load your motorcycle.

How does a cruiserramp motorcycle pickup loader work?

The motorcycle pickup loader is easy to install and dismantle. The The Cruiser Ramp mechanism removes the motorcycle from the bed without having to pull the motorcycle out by hand. This is done without using multiple winches and complicated electronic switching. The loading ramps store within their own holders along the side of the pickup bed.

Can a motorcycle loader be installed in a truck?

When you the purchase the optional “Quick Change” receiver hitch mount you can install/uninstall the motorcycle loader in your truck ready for a bike in under a minute! This system is ideal for owners who do not want to permanently install a bike loader in the bed of their truck. (shown below) Please verify Hitch Rating prior to ordering.

How do you attach a motorcycle ramp to a truck?

You’ll want to get the ramp (s) as snug as possible so that there is no movement. Place one hook on the ramp and the other on a point on your pickup truck. Make sure that you use a tie down to secure the motorcycle ramp to the pickup.