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How big is the city of Semarang Indonesia?

How big is the city of Semarang Indonesia?

Semarang is the capital and largest city of Central Java province in Indonesia. A major port during the Dutch colonial era, and still an important regional centre and port today. It has an area of 373.78 square kilometres (144.32 sq mi) and is located at 6°58′S 110°25′E / 6.967°S 110.417°E / -6.967; 110.417.

Which is the best Waktu in Central Java?

Jadwal Sholat Hari Ini. Jadwal Shalat di Semarang, Central Java Indonesia hari ini adalah Waktu Subuh 04:02 AM, Waktu Dzuhur 11:43 AM, Waktu Ashar 03:10 PM, Waktu Magrib 05:58 PM & Waktu Isya 07:15 PM. Dapatkan waktu Azan dan Shalat Semarang yang paling akurat dengan keduanya; jadwal shalat mingguan dan bulanan.

What are the main languages spoken in Semarang Indonesia?

The main languages spoken are Indonesian and Javanese. As a result of its large ethnically Chinese population, the city boasts several Chinese temples. These include Sam Po Kong (Kedung Batu), built in honor of the Chinese Great Admiral Zheng He who visited the area in 1405, and Tay Kak Sie Temple.

Is there a Padma Hotel in Semarang Indonesia?

With its great pleasure, Padma Hotels is announcing its newest property in Semarang, Central Java that will be revealing soon in 2021. Blessed with a prime piece of captivative landscape, this high-end property was designed to capture the essence of Javanese elegance.

Where is the capital of Central Java located?

Semarang is situated on Java’s northern coast and is called the capital of Central Java, as it lies just about halfway between the extreme east and west coasts of the island. From Candi Hill we get amazing scenery of the port, the lowlands and green paddy fields, the city itself and the surrounding mountains.

Who was the first bupati of Semarang?

On 2 May 1547, Sultan Hadiwijaya of Pajang Kyai declared Pandan Arang the first bupati (mayor) of Semarang, thus creating Semarang administratively and politically. In 1678, Sunan Amangkurat II promised to give control of Semarang to the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a part of a debt payment.