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How big does a dumbo rat get?

How big does a dumbo rat get?

15-22 inches long
Quick Facts about Dumbo Rat

Species Name: Rattus norvegicus domestica
Temperament: Mild, easygoing, cuddly, engaging
Color Form: Agouti, black, lilac, fawn
Lifespan: 2-3 years
Size: 15-22 inches long, 1.5 pounds

Are rats cleaner than dogs?

Rats are very clean and will spend many hours a day grooming themselves and their rat buddies. Rats clean themselves so much that they are said to be cleaner than dogs and cats! Rats can swim or wade in the water for up to three days without drowning! They like to swim and are very good at it.

What happens if you breed a hairless rat with a normal rat?

A Unfortunately, problems with breeding Hairless rats are fairly common. Often, Hairless rats either do not make good mothers, or they do not produce enough milk for the babies to survive. The way to overcome this problem is to breed another female rat at the same time you breed your Hairless.

How old can rats get?

Brown rat: 2 years
Black rat: 12 months

How did the Misty Blue Rattery get its name?

Misty Blue Rattery was named for the beautiful sky blue color rats I specialize in (my personal name is not Misty). Although Misty Blue Rattery was started in 2010 as a pet/show rattery, I have raised rodents and other animals for over 40 years.

Where is the Misty Blue Rattery in Chatsworth CA?

Misty Blue Rattery is an active hobby rattery in my home located in Chatsworth, CA 91311. Misty Blue Rattery is a private rattery, not a store, which means that, for health and safety reasons, the general public and/or clients cannot come visit the rattery.

Is the Rattery no longer breeding for pets?

Join the (r)Evolution! ~ Est. 2014 ~ News…News…News…News… Due to our Rattery and many others recently testing positive for Streptobacillus Moniliformis (the bacteria known to cause Rat Bite Fever in humans) we are no longer breeding for pets.

What kind of Rattery has Dumbo ears?

Misty Blue Rattery specializes in Blue Shade standard coat rats with dumbo ears and in various color patterns. Along with the Dumbo Blue line, Misty Blue Rattery also has a line of Dumbo Burmese/Chocolate, and Dwarf Dumbo Burmese/Chocolate.