For what purpose itch Guard is used?

For what purpose itch Guard is used?

Itch Guard Cream is a Cream manufactured by PARAS PHARMA. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of acne rosacea, ear infections, eczema .

Where we can apply itch Guard?

Key Benefits

  • Can be used in the groin and under arm areas.
  • Menthol in the cream imparts a cooling and soothing effect on the applied area.
  • Provides relief from fungal infections of the skin such as jock itch, infection between toes and fingers.

How much does itch Guard cost?

MRP: ₹ 77.00 You can get ₹3.85 CASHBACK on this order + FREE DELIVERY.

Is itch guard good for private parts?

Itch Guard Cream is an antifungal cream to treat itching commonly associated with many fungal infections (esp. genitals & groin), vaginal infection, jock itch, eczema etc. It contains Clotrimazole topical that helps in preventing the growth of fungus by removing its protective wall.

Is Dettol good to wash private part?

Never use antiseptics (such as Dettol or Savlon) in the bath water and/or to wash the genital area. Avoid feminine hygiene products eg wipes. Use warm water and wash with your hand.

Can Ringguard cure ringworm?

Ring Guard Cream is an anti-fungal medicated cream. It is an effective remedy for fungal infections such as ringworm. It is also useful in ailments such as Athlete’s foot, itching, burning, redness and cracking of skin.

What are the uses of itch guard cream?

Itch Guard cream is a medicine prescribed as a broad-spectrum anti-fungal cream, used to treat various skin infections which a person may get quite often, such as athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm. The cream provides relief from other symptoms caused by these infections, such as itching, skin irritation, burning and cracking of skin.

When to use itch guard vs Ring Guard?

It is suggested to use itch guard for common fungal problems but if the infection is not just fungal but could also be bacterial, you can use Ring Guard. I don’t like TV ads of itch guard but it works well so i’m overall happy. Itch guard is very effective for daad & khujli in the groin area.

Is it safe to use itch guard tube?

Ans: Yes, itch guard plus tube is a medication that treats tinea versicolor. Ques: Can itch guard cream use while breastfeeding? Ans: Yes, It is safe to use while breastfeeding. Clotrimazole- Drug Information Portal [Internet]. druginfo.nlm.nih.gov. 2019 [Cited 24 April 2019].

What are the side effects of menthol and itch guard?

Pityriasis (tinea versicolor), a fungal infection that causes darkening or lightening of the skin of chest, neck, arms, or legs. Menthol is derived from pennyroyal, eucalyptus, and peppermint.