Does Seirin beat Kise in the Winter Cup?

Does Seirin beat Kise in the Winter Cup?

Kise and Kuroko return With 4 minuters remaining, Seirin finally extend their lead to a 15-point difference, with the score 62 – 77.

Who is better Kise or Kagami?

Kise is the much better all-around player, he can play the 1 through 4 and he’s a much better defensive prospect. If you made this comment about pre-winter cup Kise, I would disagree but it would make much more sense. In all honesty in terms of individual skill, winter cup Kise is a much better player than Kagami.

Can Kise copy Kagami?

Kagami is on the same level as everyone else, but Kise has never copied him. Other than the 1 lane-up before the semifinal match, Kise never even tried to copy him.

Is Kagami a Generation of Miracles?

Kise states that Kagami can’t beat him-a member of the Generation of Miracles. Kagami bursts out laughing, overjoyed that he’s found a worthy player in Japan.

Is Aomine better than Kagami?

As far as overall flare and scoring potential, Aomine’s gonna win that battle every time. Kagami can’t work formless shots like Aomine can, but Aomine can’t work his jumps as well as Kagami can. I’m just gonna say that, in a one-on-one, most likely Kagami is not stronger than Aomine.

Who won the Winter Cup in Kuroko no Basuke?

Akashi defends but Kuroko states “I am the shadow”, and Kagami does one of his impossible jumps to dunk and Seirin win, 105–106, winning the Winter Cup. Akashi experiences his first ever loss, but is thankful to Kuroko and congratulates him with tears in his eyes.

What happens in Seirin vs Kaijo Winter Cup?

Riko predicts there is a limit to the number of super-long three-pointers Midorima can shoot, however, Midorima has undergone endurance training and plans to outlast Kagami’s jumps. After kwijo against Kirisaki Daiichi and confirming their spot in the Winter Cup, the Seirin team head to a hot spring to regenerate their energy.

Who is in 3rd place in Seirin Winter Cup?

During the decider for 3rd place, Kise sits out of the match and Shutoku wins against Kaijo, 96 to 54, taking 3rd place. With his legs already at their limits, Kiyoshi attempts a dunk, but is disrupted by Midorima, who earns a foul.

Why did Aomine not play in Interhigh finals?

The first years and Kiyoshi return to Seirin, where Momoi explains that Aomine didn’t play in the Interhigh finals due to injuries sustained during the Kaijo-Touou game. Later, standing out in the rain, Midorima gets a call from another Member of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine, and warns him to be careful in the Championship game.