Does Jade Fleming keep her baby?

Does Jade Fleming keep her baby?

Later, she puts the baby up for adoption and gets interest from who she thought were the perfect couple, however she later finds out they were actually divorced. Jade’s water breaks with only Scout and Mr Budgen on hand….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Jade Fleming
Children Drew Kelly’s baby

Who broke into Michael Byrnes House?

During a conflict with Sian, Barry breaks into her house and steals personal photos of her and Michael from when they were together, as well as a pair of her knickers.

Who killed Mr Clarkson in Waterloo Road?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Thomas Clarkson
Cause/Reason Accidentally fell to his death from the school roof after saving Kyle Stack from committing suicide
Born 19 March 1974
Died 4 July 2013 (aged 39)
Occupation English Teacher (S1-8) Head of Pastoral Care (S3-4) Head of English (S5-7) Deputy Headteacher (S7-8)

Do Brett and Mika get back together in Waterloo Road?

Brett and Mika return to Waterloo Road closer than ever as a couple for their final year of school. Together, they audition for the school musical and both of them are cast in the leading role. Mika later rejoins the musical when her replacement Aleesha is forced to quit and Mika and Brett become friends once again.

Does Rhiannon get pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Unknown to her friends and guardians, she’s secretly terrified she’s pregnant for real! Rhiannon finally confides in Maggie about her pregnancy scare and takes a test, which reveals it’s a false alarm.

What happened to chalky in Waterloo Road?

Daniel Chalk (né Gareth Dindsdale) was a maths teacher and the adoptive father of Kevin Chalk. Chalky is an accident waiting to happen….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Daniel Chalk
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 9 Episode 16 (A Bolt from the Blue)
Cause/Reason Left to be a Video Game developer

Why did Alec Newman leave Waterloo Road?

It’s very much in keeping with his character.” Newman also admitted that it wasn’t a hard decision to leave the show as he felt his character’s journey had come to its natural end. He said: “Although it was my decision to leave, it was arrived at very organically.

What happened to Mika in Waterloo Road?

Mika’s last appearence in Waterloo Road was at the end of Series 3, when a huge gas explosion occured in the school canteen, and left a group of students and teachers trapped inside the school, including Chlo and their stepdad’s girlfriend, Davina Shackleton .

What happened to Rhiannon in Waterloo Road?

She also had a brief relationship with Darren Hughes, especially after his mother (Sammy Hughes) died. She is also seen very upset when Tom Clarkson dies….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Rhiannon Salt
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Born 1995
Brothers Lee Salt

What happens at the end of Waterloo Road?

Michael’s efforts to call a truce with Gerard Findlay are vitiated when Grantly interrupts their meeting to protest that Gerard’s pupils have vandalised his car. Ultimately however the two older men ally as Gerard implies to Grantly that he knows a secret from Michael’s past.

Who is Christine Mulgrew in Waterloo Road?

Incumbent staff number strict English teacher Christine Mulgrew,whose sullen son Connor is a new pupil and old school history teacher Audrey McFall. Connor’s recalcitrant behaviour,unknown to everybody else,is caused by his mother’s fondness for drink.

How old is Gerard Findlay in Waterloo Road?

As the feud between Havelock,Gerard Findlay’s school,and Waterloo Road continues Findlay posts twenty-five year old press cuttings around the school describing how the young Michael Byrne attacked his father and left him for dead.

Why did Connor and Christine run away in Waterloo Road?

The Budgens prepare for their honeymoon whilst Kevin asks Daniel to be his foster father and Imogen and Connor intend to run away together though Christine scuppers their plan and lashes out at Imogen. In retaliation Connor shows the other teachers the evidence of her drinking as well as starting another fire,which injures Imogen.