Does a 3-car garage add value?

Does a 3-car garage add value?

A larger garage could increase your home’s resale value and help you attract a future buyer. If you have three drivers in your family, or if you have a child who will start driving soon, a three-car garage can be a smart investment. That means more room for guests to park and more space for your kids to play.

How much would it cost to build a 3-car garage?

On average, the cost to build a 3-car garage is $28,200 to $57,100, with a 3.5-car garage costing up to $67,200.

What is a 3-car garage called?

Detached garages intended for the storage of up to three automobiles are called 3-Car Garage Plans. A broad selection of floor plans is available when garage doors, bays, size and style are considered.

How much does it cost to build a garage with apartment?

Average Cost to Build a Garage with an Apartment Building an apartment above a garage costs $110 to $350 per square foot or $60,000 to $270,000. Pricing depends on whether you add a simple loft room in over a single-car unit or a full apartment over a four-stall structure.

What is a good size 3 car garage?

Your average, everyday 3 car detached garage will be about 22×32, with those couple extra feet offering just enough breathing room to snugly fit your three cars. However, many people opt to go even larger, in order to comfortably give you space to open the doors without hitting the walls or the car in the next bay.

How big is an oversized 3 car garage?

These garages are also best for large living spaces like an additional family room. Three car garages are usually 32 feet wide by 22 feet deep. Much like 18 x 20 2 car garages, 32 x 22 feet snugly fits 3 cars. Your other, larger options include 36 x 25 feet, 38 x 26 feet and 40 x 30 feet.

What is a bay garage?

They’re perfect for storing two vehicles or some people use one bay for a car and one for general garage storage space. The addition of a log store and extended storage area at the back make this a versatile outbuilding.

How much does it cost to build a 2 car garage with apartment above?

How big is a three car garage?

Generally, the minimum recommended size of a 3-car garage is approximately 32 ft. wide and 22 ft. deep. When considering your 3-car garage design, go bigger when possible. A 36 X 25, 38 X 26 or 40 X 30 are common sizes that offer more flexibility with their dimensions.

What is the width of a typical 3 car garage?

3 Car Garage Dimensions For triple car garages the general size is about 31 feet wide by 20 feet long, and the door width should be 9 feet each if there are going to be three separate doors or 16 feet and a 9 foot to cover all vehicles. There is not a typical option that has all three cars able to use one door.

What is 3 car garage?

Garages with the width between 26ft to 32ft are commonly known as three car steel garages or triple wide garages. You can easily park three cars and store your gardening equipment. It can be your outdoor shed with car garage facilities. Along with your car storage option, it can be used for your recreational activities.

What is a garage apartment?

Garage apartment. A garage apartment is an apartment built within the walls of, or on top of, the garage of a house. The garage may be attached or a separate building from the main house, but will have a separate entrance and may or may not have a communicating door to the main house.