Do they still make Deutz tractors?

Do they still make Deutz tractors?

Although the Deutz-Fahr tractor has been distributed through AGCO dealers since 1988, sales have dwindled. Now, with the opening of the new SAME Deutz-Fahr North America distribution center in Norcross, GA, the company is poised for a comeback.

Who builds Deutz tractors?


Type GmbH
Headquarters Lauingen , Germany
Area served Worldwide
Products Tractors Combine harvesters Smart Farming Technology
Parent SDF Group

Who owns Deutz engines?

Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG took over in 1985, later becoming Deutz AG. After spinning off Deutz Power Systems, the company has made a full circle back to MWM. In 2012, SAME Deutz-Fahr sold a majority of its holding in Deutz AG to Volvo, selling more than 22 million shares.

Who owns Deutz tractors?


Predecessor Deutz Fahr
Founded 1961
Headquarters Cologne, Germany
Products agriculture machinery tractor, Combine harvester
Parent SAME Deutz-Fahr formerly Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz

What kind of oil does a Deutz motor take?

It is fully compliant with DEUTZ Quality Class DQC II-10. The viscosity SAE Class 15W40 oil ensures problem-free, all-season operation without restriction. DEUTZ Oil TLS 15W40 D is used intensively at DEUTZ as part of engine development work and during servicelife tests.

How do I identify a Deutz engine?

The engine identification plate C is affixed to the oil cooler cover. The engine serial number D is stamped on the gear cover. to the crankcase at left of the lube filters and in the air cowling. The serial No. is also stamped into the crankcase at the flange for mounting the oil filters.

Are Deutz engines air-cooled?

The DEUTZ TCD 12.0 and DEUTZ TCD 16.0 are watercooled 6 or 8-cylinder V diesel engines (90°) with turbocharging and charge air cooling.

Are Deutz tractors air-cooled?

Its first mass-produced tractor – the DEUTZ MTH 222 – was launched in 1927. During World War II, the Deutz Company converted water-cooled engines into air-cooled ones for better dependability for military equipment, and the air-cooled engine remained their hallmark until the 1990s.