Do Japanese say totemo?

Do Japanese say totemo?

The most textbook way of saying “very” in Japanese is by using the word totemo (とても). You can also add an extra T in the center of totemo to make it tottemo (とっても).

What is the difference between totemo and Sugoku?

hontouni means ‘really’, totemo is ‘very’ and sugoku is like ‘extraordinarily’.

What can I use instead of a totemo?

Totemo means “very” in Japanese, also sometimes pronounced とっても/tottemo with a kicked “t” for added emphasis….Vocab power: stop saying “totemo”

  • Say かなり (kanari) instead.
  • Say 特に (toku ni) when you mean 特に
  • Use 非常に (hijou ni) for stronger emphasis.
  • Say 本当に (hontou ni) when you mean 本当に

What is totemo Yoi?

i am very happy!

What is totemo in English?

very, awfully, exceedingly.

How do you use Sugoku in Japanese?

sugoku(すごく)means very or really….. It is so useful that we can express lots of meaning from negative ones to positive ones!

What does Yoi mean?

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What is Nigiyaka in Japanese?

Nigiyaka is a Japanese word meaning crowded, or cheerful.

What is Benri?

convenient; handy; useful​

What is Yokatta in English?

It was good. / I’m glad. YOKATTA is the past form of an adjective, II (good). It is an expression used in a casual conversation between friends. So, the polite way of ending a sentence, DESU, is omitted.