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Do I save triss or help Roche?

Do I save triss or help Roche?

Decision: Will you go with Roche to save Anaïs, or alone to save Triss? Consequences: If you choose to help Roche, you will attack the Kaedweni camp where you kill Dethmold and save Anaïs. Letho rescues Triss, who will be with him when you meet during the epilogue.

What does Roche intend do?

We believe it’s urgent to deliver medical solutions right now – even as we develop innovations for the future. We are passionate about transforming patients’ lives. We are courageous in both decision and action. And we believe that good business means a better world.

Are there Scoia tael in Witcher 3?

Although the Scoia’tael play a less important role in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt due to the Third Northern War, there are appearances of several camps and a few side quests revolving around the elves. They also have their gwent card deck containing all important leaders, dwarves, elves, and hav’caars.

Would Geralt choose Roche or Iorveth?

Whatever issues he might have against Roche they don’t compare to the truckloads of issues he would have against Iorveth. Geralt would pick the most neutral political path while trying to save Triss. He would not go with Iorveth since that would mean fighting side by side with Saskia.

Should I save Triss or Saskia?

if you choose triss you get no real benefits but if you choose saskia you get choices. (only read title so if this makes no sense ignore it.) however if u choose saskia a witch hunt begins.

Should I help the Scoia tael Witcher 3?

Whether or not you killed the Scoia’tael you will have to go back to the captain. If you killed the Scoia’tael you will give the squirrel tail as proof. If you did not kill them you will have a choice between telling the captain about them or keeping them a secret. Whatever you chose you will still receive 25 XP.

What do the Scoia tael want?

The Scoia’tael are non-human guerrillas who fight against all humans in the Northern Kingdoms, opposing the discrimination against and oppression of non-humans. They are also known as the Squirrels, likely due to their habit of attaching squirrel puffs to their caps or other parts of clothing.

Why does Roche dislike the Scoia’tael so much?

He never (so far in the game, at least) expresses dislike for any innocent non-humans. His problem with the scoia’tael is not that they are non-humans, it is that they are bandits and terrorists, no matter their race. And that is the only position I can morally get behind.

Where do you go to help scoia tael at a crossroads?

In order to complete this quest, go to the Elven Ruins that are conveniently nearby after finding a fatally wounded Cedric, and accept Iorveth’s offer to aid the Scoia’tael by raiding the Prison barge in Flotsam. Beware this will cause you to lose favour with Roche, and his deadly Temerian Special Forces.

What’s the difference between Roche and Iorveth in the Witcher?

Roche is boring the elves. Iorveth’s path is much more traditional fantasy, good vs evil, idealism and all that. You also learn details about the greater scheme, where as Roche’s path is more in line with the Witcher universe, i.e. dark and gritty, everything goes to hell and all that.

Where did Vernon Roche go after saving Zoltan?

After saving Zoltan and Dandelion, Roche and his men occupy a building next to the inn. While Geralt is off performing tasks, Roche continues his hunt for Iorveth and the Kingslayer, culminating in a three-way battle between the Scoia’tael, the Blue Stripes, and Letho.