Did Alexander Eder win the Voice in Germany?

Did Alexander Eder win the Voice in Germany?

The two Sing Off episodes was broadcast on 2 and 6 December….Sing Off.

Coach Michi & Smudo
Order 2
Artist Alexander Eder
Song “Ring of Fire”
Result Eliminated

Who won the voice Germany season 10?

Paula Dalla Corte
The Voice of Germany/Winners

Who won Voice of Germany 2019?

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso
The Voice of Germany/Winners

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso was named the winner of the season on November 10, 2019; making her the third foreigner contestant to win in the show’s history and Alice Merton became the first female coach to win The Voice of Germany.

Who won the voice Germany 2019?

Who are the hosts of the voice of Germany?

Thore Schölermann returned for his ninth season as host. Lena Gercke also returned for her sixth season as host, but she was only in the live shows phase, due of her pregnancy. Annemarie Carpendale replaced Gercke in the others stages of the show.

When does season 10 of the voice of Germany start?

The tenth season, also known as the anniversary season of the talent show The Voice of Germany premiered on October 8, 2020 on ProSieben and on October 11, 2020 on Sat.1.

Who is the fifth coach on the voice of Germany?

Therefore, for the first time in the history of The Voice of Germany, there are no duo coaches on the panel. It was announced on August 21, 2019 that Nico Santos would become a fifth coach, mentoring unsuccessful auditioners on an online version in a new round called The Voice: Comeback Stage by SEAT.

Who was eliminated on the voice of Germany?

George Philippart was already part of The Voice of Germany in the fifth season. As Sabrina, he made it into the battles on Rea Garvey ‘s team. Michelle Schulz was in the sixth season, where she was eliminated in the blind auditions.