Can you save Kasumi Mass Effect 3?

Can you save Kasumi Mass Effect 3?

Kasumi is still around iN ME3 if she survived ME2 (meaning you got the DLC and she survived in your save). ME Wiki says she’ll be on the Citadel, and she has some different dialog and scenes depending on whether you got her loyalty in ME2. She can be a war asset if and only if you won her loyalty.

Can you save Jondum Bau?

As an added bonus, not only have you saved Jondum Bau and saved the Hanar homeworld, but Kasumi herself will count as a 25 point war asset.

Where is the Hanar diplomat Mass Effect 3?

the Citadel Embassies
On the Citadel Embassies floor, head into the Spectre office to access the Spectre terminal, Enable Hanar Embassy tracking. Shepard’s rank will allow him to enable Hanar Embassy Tracking. Then access the Terminal by the seating area near the Office Suite on the map.

How do you get into the office suite in Mass Effect 3?

3 Answers

  1. On the Citadel Embassies level, access the Spectre Terminal in the Spectre Office.
  2. On the Citadel Embassies level, access the terminal near the “Office Suite” location – outside the office suite, on the right side of the door.

Where to find the Hanar diplomat in Mass Effect 3?

Find evidence on the hanar in the Presidium Embassies. After Priority: Palaven, a Salarian named Jondum Bau will be standing outside Commander Bailey’s office. Speak to him to receive this mission.

Is there a fix for Mass Effect 3 diplomat terminal?

THE FIX – Mass Effect 3 “diplomat terminal” bug By Matt Gadient I’d been finding bits of time here and there to play Mass Effect 3 – quite a good game thus far, though it suffers from the same issue as other BioWare games… every so often you’ll have a quest in your log that can’t be completed.

Why is my Hanar diplomat terminal not working?

Hanar Diplomat Terminal Acces Bug. There is a bug across all platforms that makes it so you cannot access the terminals to complete this mission. There is no known solution other than to load a previous save — and then complete the mission without starting or attempting any other missions.

What was the bug in Mass Effect 3?

In this case, the bug revolves around the following mission: Citadel: Hanar Diplomat Salarian Spectre Jondum Bau suspects that a member of the Hanar diplomatic staff is indoctrinated. Find evidence on the hanar in the Presidium Embassies.