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Can you fly with tissue expanders?

Can you fly with tissue expanders?

The tissue expander may set off airport security devices. Tell your healthcare provider if you plan to travel. They will give you a letter to take with you explaining that you have a medical device in your chest.

How long do breast tissue expanders stay in?

The tissue expanders will remain in place for a minimum of 8 weeks after completing the last tissue expansion.

How often do tissue expanders get filled?

You will need to make appointments every 1 to 2 weeks for several months to have your expanders inflated. Each expander has a tiny valve that is located under your skin. The surgeon or nurse will inject saline into the valve, filling the expander in stages.

Do implants feel better than tissue expanders?

Once your implants are placed, you will likely feel more comfortable than you did with the tissue expander. Additional procedures including the creation of a nipple and areola, fat grafting, and scar revision are usually performed about 3 months after your implant is placed and the scar is healed.

How do you sleep comfortably with tissue expanders?

During the first two weeks after your expander placement, you should sleep on your back. We recommend that women who want to sleep in bed place pillows under their head and knees to support their body. However, many women find that it is more comfortable to sleep in a recliner chair for a while.

What kind of expander is used for breast reconstruction?

A right latissimus dorsi flap with placement of a tissue expander and a left under the pectoralis muscle tissue expander was performed for salvage of the… More This Harrisburg area patient is a 44-year old female who previously had a right skin sparing mastectomy with chemotherapy and radiation.

How old is the woman with breast reconstruction?

This Harrisburg area patient is a 44-year old female who previously had a right skin sparing mastectomy with chemotherapy and radiation. She presented in a delayed fashion for a left nipple sparing mastectomy with bilateral breast reconstruction with tissue expanders.

How is dr.shermak doing after breast reconstruction?

Initially with tissue expander under muscle, which was converted to a gel implant under muscle. She required right sided radiation therapy after this. She is photographed over 2 years after her first operation. She is doing great!

How to see before and after breast reconstruction?

Here you will find examples of Dr. Kinney’s specialized microsurgical breast reconstruction techniques like DIEP and SGAP reconstructions as well as more traditional mastopexy and TE (tissue expander) reconstruction procedures. Browse the Before and After galleries independently and click on any image to see a high-quality enlarged photograph.