Can you fish the River Medway?

Can you fish the River Medway?

Free to Fish – Some spots of the River Medway are free to fish as long as you have a UK Rod License, for free spots of fishing along the river you would need to contact the Local Authority in charge of the River Medway.

Where can I fish in Medway?

River Medway Wateringbury stretch With deep margins and full of features including the bridge, boat yard, nearby marina, lilies, overhanging trees and of course lots of moored boats. Some good fish including Barbel have come out of this area and the marina is a particularly good holding area for Carp.

Where can you fish for free Kent?

The Medway from the Law courts in Maidstone town ceentre (great roach venue there in the Winter) down to the loch at Allington is free (Rod licence only) fishing. Just out side of Kent but the Rother from Iden Lock down to Star Lock is also free.

Where can I get barbel in Kent?

There are reputed to be some below the weir at East Farleigh, which is free fishing (I think), and below the weir at Barming, which is day ticket controlled by Maidstone Victory. There are barbel just below the weir at East Farleigh (yes it is free fishing) and you can also find them at the weir at Teston (day ticket).

Can I fish in Mote Park?

For the best in local fishing, in the heart of Maidstone, Mote Park is hard to beat. Some of the swims are a bit awkward, many requiring the use of waders or a platform, but there are ample swims with easy access for the less enthusiatic, and there is a program to install fishing platforms. …

Where is the River Medway located?

River Medway, river, southeastern England, rising in the heart of The Weald region and flowing 70 miles (110 km) to its North Sea mouth in the Thames at Sheerness, county of Kent.

Can you fish Mote Park?

For the best in local fishing, in the heart of Maidstone, Mote Park is hard to beat. For many years, it has been nartionally renowned for the large bream (often over 7lb, in large numbers), and the quality of its roach fishing.

Can you night fish Mote Park?

Night fishing is available to night permit holders.

Where can I fish in Maidstone?

The rivers and lakes in the Kent countryside around Maidstone offer some great opportunities for fishing. The River Medway is very popular and pitches can be found all along the banks from Allington to Yalding and beyond. Teston Country Park and the town centre banks are both very popular as the car parking is easy.

Can You Fish River darent?

fish in the river darent. People belong to DRiPS for many different reasons, but many members are likely to have an interest in the fish population of the river. There are both ‘game’ fish populations (such as brown and rainbow trout) and ‘coarse’ fish (such as chub, dace, roach, perch, pike, minnow and so on.)

Where does the River Cray start?

Orpington Pond
River Cray/Sources

The River Cray is the largest tributary of the Darent. It is the prime river of outer, south-east Greater London, rising in Priory Gardens, Orpington, where rainwater percolates through the chalk bedrock of the Downs to form a pond where the eroded ground elevation gives way to impermeable clay.

What kind of fish are in the Medway?

We own some of the best fishing on the upper Medway including a large weir pool. This water has produced many double figure barbel plus large chub and perch. The water also contains dace, roach, grayling, pike and trout. Please be aware we have Barbel up to 14lb+, Chub 6lb+ and Perch to 3lb+.

When is the best time to fish the Medway River?

Parking: see Rule book. Like all rivers, fishes best in the summer months, although good barbel come to the net all year round. Good results by night. Huge shoals of chub and barbel can be seen in May/June before the season starts. This is a 7lb Sturgeon caught 10th July’20, by Alan Richards.

Where does the River Medway start and end?

The clubs prime match venue. A longer stretch than below the bridge, this runs from Barming Bridge all the way to the kissing gate below the first field from Teston Bridge. As you would expect from such a long run, the fishing is varied. The river changes between wide deep areas, to narrower, slightly faster stretches.

How is Maidstone victory Angling Society related to the River Medway?

As the name of the club suggests, its history is closely linked to the River Medway. The club maintains several long stretches of the river, which has once again become a thriving mixed fishery.