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Can you fish jigs in deep water?

Can you fish jigs in deep water?

The jig is one of the best baits you can use to not only catch deep bass but to figure out where they are located. By this I mean a jig in deep water becomes a fish finder. You can bang it into things to get a feel for what exactly is down there at the same time that you attempt to catch fish on it.

Do jigs catch big bass?

Jigs. The main reason jigs are such good big bass lures is they can get in almost anywhere because of how weedless they are. Casting in to spots where most anglers can’t reach are prime areas for big bass. Using the right jig rod, keeping your line tight, and paying close attention is essential in jig fishing.

How do you get lures down deep?

There are two general methods of getting your bait down to the fish while trolling. You can add lead weights to the line or use a diving device. In both cases, the weight or diver is attached to the main line with the lure or bait tied to the terminal end using a leader that is lighter than the main line.

What are the best fishing jigs to use?

11 Best Surf Fishing Lures You Need to Try Diamond Jig. When conditions are not ideal or you just want to see what’s swimming in the surf, go with a diamond jig. Bucktail Jig. Yet another multi-species work horse in the surf fishing arena, the bucktail jig is one of the best lures to have in your arsenal. Luhr-Jensen Krocodile Spoon. Acme Kastmaster Bucktail Teaser. Swimbaits.

What size jig for bass?

The most frequently used weight for a bass jig is three-eighths of an ounce. This is the perfect weight for fishing in shallow water (one to six feet), on a relatively calm day. Once you start getting in to water ten feet or deeper, it takes a long time for a three-eighths ounce jig to get to the bottom.

What is the best color bait for bass?

Water clarity is one of the most important factors that can influence bait color for bass fishing. Stick to colors such as green pumpkin, watermelon and root beer in clear water and change to a june-bug or black/blue combination in stained or dirty water.

What does a fishing jig look like?

Jigs are a type of fishing lure which can be described as a large single hook having a painted lead head near the eye along with strands of silicone attached to the head to form a skirt.