Can a caption be above a picture?

Can a caption be above a picture?

Adding a caption above and below an image has become the most popular meme format in recent years. Instead of adding a text box to an image directly, meme makers add the caption above the image in a black or white rectangle. Memes with writing above are popular on Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

How do you put captions on pictures?


  1. Click the picture you want to add a caption to.
  2. Click References > Insert Caption.
  3. To use the default label (Figure), type your caption in the Caption box.

How do you put a caption on a picture in HTML?

CSS position property is used to set the position of text over an image. This can be done by enclosing the image and text in an HTML “div”. Then make the position of div “relative” and that of text “absolute”.

Should pictures go above or below text?

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s up to your preference, and you should try both to see which looks best to you and best suits your content. Just make sure to keep pictures and captions close together so they’re associated together (I keep re-iterating that, but it’s because it’s important).

Where do picture captions go?

Title or Description. A caption appears next to the image and identifies or describes the image, and credits the source.

How to create hover effects with caption in CSS3?

Today we will create unique CSS3 Image Hover Effects with Caption that are easy to implement. You simply need to copy & paste the code on your webpage and you are done. If you are a web designer or front-end developer then you surely love with Image hover effects.

When do you hover over an image in CSS?

Sometimes you only want the text to appear when you mouse over the image or the image has a focused state. In the example below, we display on mouse hover the caption text with a dark background and a CSS opacity transition.

How to position text over an image using CSS?

Answer: Use the CSS position property. When creating a photo gallery or something like that you might need to place some caption text or description over the image. You can use the CSS positioning methods in combination with the margin property to position or place the text over an image (i.e. the element).

How are image hover effects used in web design?

Every web designer should have an image hover effects library for their projects. Image hover effects are fun and add movement and flair to different components of a website. Hover effects use CSS features, such as 3D translate and pseudo elements, in order to create beautiful, subtle transitions, and to reveal text or captions.