Are XTR brakes good?

Are XTR brakes good?

The new XTR brakes offer a lot of power but are much easier to modulate than previous Shimano brakes. The braking feel remained constant at all times, and even on a steep 1000 m descent, they remained in control, no fading!

Is XTR worth the money?

Shimano XTR is the top of the line option, not only saving the most weight, but in many opinions, looking the best as well. If you are looking to save some weight and money, I would suggest getting the XTR cassette and crankset, as these two parts save the most weight, while running the other parts as Shimano XT.

When was Shimano XTR introduced?

Under such circumstances, Shimano began developing components dedicated to mountain bike racing and released XTR in 1991.

Is XTR electronic?

XTR M9050 marks the first migration of electronic shifting technology into the world of mountain bikes. The system will use one battery and remain wired, using already proven parts from Shimano’s Ultegra and Dura-Ace road Di2 groups.

Is XTR better than XT?

The XTR versions, however, do control power noticeably better than the XT. I didn’t notice any brake fade on longer descents with the XT brakes. SLX offers much of the same tech (12-speed, Hyperglide Plus, four-piston brake caliper), but at an even lower cost than XT.

When was Shimano Deore introduced?

Deore XT is a mountain and touring bike groupset first introduced by Shimano in 1983.

Is XTR better than SLX?

If you are a serious racer or somebody who really wants their bike to be decked out with the nicest components, then the XTR is for you. If you don’t fit into either of those two molds, then you are probably better off with the XT line, or the SLX which we will talk about next.

Is the Shimano XTR 11 speed groupet electronic?

Shimano XTR 11-speed has now been on the market for a solid year and we’ve been racking up the miles since. With the biggest news surrounding the introduction of an electronic option, the mechanical version of Shimano’s top-tier groupset was, for once, rather overlooked.

What kind of chain does Shimano XTR M9000 use?

The new M9000 11-speed chain is the same model as used on the Dura-Ace road group. Featuring a special coating known as ‘Sil-Tec’, it shifts smoothly and does exactly as expected.

How does a Shimano XTR fit on a freehub?

Torx T27 (not a typo) bolts hold it all together from the inner side The XTR 11-speed cassette still fits on a standard mountain bike freehub. As seen in this picture, the 11th cog (40t) is offset from the carrier spline toward the spokes A view of the brake. The low-profile caliper will prove useful on frames with tight clearance

What kind of derailleur does a Niner jet 9 need?

Our original Niner Jet 9 RDO test frame needed a standard E-type front derailleur and so that’s the model we’ve tested. And while we are yet to test one, the big news is in the all-new side-mount derailleur standard, something a small handful of frames are starting to cater to.