Are Katey Sagal and McNally Sagal related?

Are Katey Sagal and McNally Sagal related?

McNally is the sister-in-law of actress Katey Sagal (who portrays Gemma Teller Morrow).

How old is Katey Sagal?

67 years (January 19, 1954)
Katey Sagal/Age

What else has Katey Sagal played in?


  • Known For.
  • Married…
  • 8 Simple Rules Cate Hennessy / Bridget Hennessy (2002-2005)
  • Sons of Anarchy Gemma Teller Morrow (2008-2014)
  • Actress.
  • Rebel Annie ‘Rebel’ Flynn Ray Bello (2021)
  • Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure Jane ‘Butch’ LePrey (2020)
  • Dead to Me Eleanor Hale (2020)

Is Katy Sagal related to Steven Sagal?

Steven Seagal has a sister named Brenda Seagal. Some people mistakenly think that award-winning actress Katie Sagal is their sister. That’s not true. They are unrelated and their surnames are spelled differently.

Who is Tara’s boss on Sons of Anarchy?

Played by American actress McNally Sagal, Margaret makes her debut on the episode “Eureka” in the series’ second season. Tara Knowles’ boss, she disapproves of Tara’s relationship with Jax Teller and the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

How tall is Katey Sagal?

1.75 m
Katey Sagal/Height

Is Katey Sagal a twin?

Elizabeth Sagal (born October 9, 1961 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress, screenwriter and film editor. Sagal is part of a family of entertainment industry professionals….

Liz Sagal
Parent(s) Boris Sagal (father)
Relatives Katey Sagal (sister) Jean Sagal (twin sister) Joey Sagal (brother)

Who is actress in rebel?

Katey SagalAnnie “Rebel” Bello
Abigail SpencerDr. Misha NelsonLex Scott DavisCassidyTamala JonesLanaAriela BarerZiggy
In Rebel, creator Krista Vernoff has finally found a winning combination of a compelling central character, loosely inspired by activist Erin Brockovich, and lead actress Katey Sagal, who seems like she was born to play the role of Annie “Rebel” Bello.

What happened to the Sagal twins?

What happened to them? Jean and Liz Sagal, now 41 years old, are still in the entertainment business, but they’ve worked mostly behind the cameras since their short-lived sitcom went off the air. Liz, who played Allison in Double Trouble from 1984-85, now writes for television shows.

How tall is Steven Seagal?

1.93 m
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