Are flex cups worth it?

Are flex cups worth it?

4.0 out of 5 stars Worth a try! I’m a first time user of any kind of menstrual cup. I’ve been told by friends that have used other menstrual cups that it take a few cycles to get the hang of using the Cup. I found that the Flex cup was a very soft smooth silicon, which I really like.

Can you poop with Flex disc in?

Pee, poop, do whatever you gotta do – FLEX will stay out of the way. FLEX may move a bit when you do these things, so don’t be alarmed if you see a bit of red in the toilet. Use a clean finger to double-check that the upper edge of FLEX is in placed behind your pubic bone, just as you inserted it initially.

Can I buy flex in stores?

Yes! Our products can be purchased at Target, H-E-B, CVS, and a number of other retailers across the US. Check out our store locator.

Why does my Flex Disc smell?

It’s perfectly normal to experience a bit of odor during your period. You know your body best, though – if you’re noticing anything concerning, we strongly encourage you to chat with your doctor or health provider.

Is the Flex Cup supposed to stick out?

You should feel no pleats or indentations. If it’s not fully opened up, use your finger to press gently against your vaginal wall to create space: This should help the cup “pop open.” You can also try twisting slightly to get it to open.

When I pee my flex disc leaks?

Flex Disc leaks when I pee… What’s going on? What’s happening is that your disc is sliding down a little bit in your vaginal canal when you bear down to pee or poop. Your disc’s front edge may have made its way just beyond your pubic bone—and this lets a little fluid out.

Will my boyfriend feel the flex disc?

With proper insertion, neither you nor your partner should be able to feel the disc. If you can feel the disc, you may need to try readjusting the disc as there may be an issue with the placement of it. You may also need to try a different position.

Is Flex safe?

Flex® is safe – and a great alternative to traditional period products.

How good is Flex Seal?

It is very good! Easy to apply, strong and flexible, its only downside is temperature vulnerability. But if you need to seal something indoors, then Flex Seal is the right choice. Also, it is a great choice for surfaces that move (slide, open and close, etc.) as it has the needed flexibility and won’t crack from frequent pressure.

Does Flex Seal actually work?

Seal Flex works as the solution and it is watertight and stops the leakage problems fast. It works effectively on a huge variety of surfaces.

Is Flex Seal flammable?

Flex Seal – is very firm and elastic material. It doesn’t exfoliate at vibration, mechanic damages, rapid change of temperatures and etc. Its composition isn’t flammable, sturdy against chemicals and basic construction mixes. When is liquid rubber used? Its main application area is all kinds of waterproofing work.

Does Flex Seal spray work?

Flex Seal works because it sprays thick, much thicker than traditional spray paint. It seeps into cracks and, once dry, forms a rubberized surface that blocks out water, air and moisture – which helps prevent rust and corrosion . It’s simple: point and spray, applying a nice, even coating. Nov 19 2019