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Are bigger spark plug wires better?

Are bigger spark plug wires better?

That thicker wire core provides a lower operating resistance, allowing more spark energy at the spark plug. This thicker core, once wrapped in the insulating material and outer jacket, is what dictates the larger overall spark plug wire diameter.

Is there a difference between automotive and marine spark plug wires?

Some boaters believe that marine spark plug wires and those manufactured for land vehicles are interchangeable. That is not the case. An additional major difference between these different spark plug wire sets is that the marine distributors have different cap ends than those in automotive sets.

What does NGK 11 Spark Plug mean?

An example of an NGK racing plug is R5671A-11. Here, R5671A represents the plug type and -11 represents the heat range.

What do NGK part numbers signify?

The heat rating of each NGK spark plug is indicated by a number; lower numbers indicate a hotter type, higher numbers indicate a colder type.

Are premium spark plug wires worth it?

If you want long-lasting plugs that will reduce the work you need to do replacing plugs and don’t mind paying extra for that luxury, yes. If you are designing an extremely high performance car where the plugs will be subjected to extreme conditions, they are probably a good idea.

What’s better 7mm or 8mm spark plug wires?

8mm spark plug wires are a heavier gage wire than the 7mm type. A more robust core provides a lower resistance path for the power, thereby allowing more power to reach the spark plugs. Additionally, the 8mm wires have a thicker outer coating that keeps the core safe from damage.

How do I change outboard spark plug wires?

Start by removing the cover to the motor and locate the spark plugs. Grab the spark plug boot and turn it 90° counterclockwise. Gently pull the boot and cable away from the spark plug. After the wire is removed, use your socket wrench with the spark plug socket to remove the spark plug.

What happens if spark plug wire resistance is too low?

Lower resistance means more of the ignition coils energy is going towards bridging the gap or the spark plug. That hotter spark can create a more even burn of the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder, and thus, more power output from the engine. Also, all the shielding inside a wire is not free.