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Hi all! As you might have noticed, I was out all last week with my students in Kyushu for their school trip.  I will have a lot more to post on that amazing experience, as well as plenty of pictures.  I ended up with over 4,000 plus video.  Most of the photos I won’t be able to share due to privacy concerns, but since I haven’t had a chance to finish up all the draft posts I have, I opted of a bit of an update with a few photos from the trip.

Day 1 – Fukuoka Prefecture


Dazaifu Shrine in Fukuoka



View from the Takeo Hotel in Saga Prefecture

Day 2 – Saga Prefecture

Snowboarding/Skiing at Tenzan in Saga

Day 3 – Nagasaki Prefecture



Paper cranes lining the entry-way to the Nagasaki Bomb Museum



Click to animate.

Seagull feeding on the ferry between Nagasaki and Kumamoto

Day 4 – Kumamoto Prefecture



Greenland Amusement Park’s giant Ferris Wheel.



I’ve influenced a new generation of photographers… There’s probably some kind of award for ruining an art medium right?

Coming up on MTJ

I’ve been so busy lately, but luckily that means a lot of content coming your way.  I just have to finish putting it all together!  For sure I’ll be bringing you new advanced recipes of some of my most popular dishes, along with new cultural items, an in-depth look at how miso is made, and more!  Stick with More Things Japanese, this year and help spread the word by sharing any articles you enjoy via your favorite social media.  Stay up-to-date on my latest posts by subscribing by email or rss!

  • zoomingjapan

    I’m always fascinated by your bird shots. They are awesome!
    Can’t wait to see more! ^___^

    • Benjamin Martin

      Thanks!! I took a ton (will probably make a gallery for them) but I’m really looking forward to the weather clearing enough for more mejiro shots in the Sakura Blossoms!

  • Japan Australia

    Some great pictures and look forward to seeing more. Kyushu is a place that I would like to see more of and plan to visit there soon.

    • Benjamin Martin

      If I didn’t live in Okinawa, I’d live in Kyushu!

      • Japan Australia

        Yeah, it looks like an amazing place. I have a mate who lives in Fukuoka and it looks and sounds like it is one of the most livable cities in Japan with great food, amenities, and of course beautiful women (Hakata Bijin) :)

  • Silvia Groniewicz

    Looks like a great slope for beginners, but the brown hills surrounding it kinda ruin the view :) I’ve only been skiing in Gunma and Hokkaido so far, I didn’t even know you can ski in Kyushu until you mentioned it!

    • Benjamin Martin

      We were just a bit unlucky with the weather. I’ve been to that same place before and we had better weather/more snow. There are ski places in Oita Prefecture too! Looks like I’ll go next month in Niigata as well with an interjapan exchange program ^_^