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Goya – The Bitter Melon

One of the most popular aspects of Japanese culture throughout the world is its unique culinary traditions.  There are innumerable three, four, and five-star restaurants domestically, while sushi, teriyaki, and even teppanyaki have become well-known internationally.  Still, there are many delicious and healthy Japanese food items that have yet to hit the mainstream.  Today I hope to introduce you a bitter melon that can do more than fill your belly. This article covers a lot!  I go from seed to dish


Ingredients 1 Eggplant (nasu) 1 Onion (tamanegi) 1 Carrot (ninjin) 5 Small Okra (okura) Meat *optional* 1 Bell Pepper (piman) 2 cups Tempura/Cake Flour ¾ cup water 2 eggs Oil Salt 2 tsp. Powdered Garlic Recipe Cut Onion, Carrot, and Bell Pepper in thin strips about two inches long, and place in a large bowl.  Bell Peppers can be cut thinner than the others, but generally you want everything to be about the same width and length.  Cut Okra very